On the surface, Oklahoma seems like the perfect state for political conservatives. Not a single county has gone for a Democratic presidential candidate this millennium.

Oklahoma politics commonly includes candidates talking about their faith in God, love of country, and a strong support for the Second Amendment.

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CrossTalk News has uncovered one of the dirtiest political schemes in the country – swampers using tax dollars to elect America Last Republicans.

Take the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has long supported loose laws on illegal immigrants and pushed Common Core – the precursor to the woke homosexual agenda.

According to a charge affidavit from the District Court of Oklahoma, the State Chamber took over $50,000 of allegedly laundered tax dollars, and then uses that money to elect candidates it expects to obey its Corruption First agenda.

One of those PACs is the Job Creators Action Fund, which shares the exact same office address as the State Chamber.

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According to our investigation, in just one Oklahoma primary runoff election among four candidates, the Job Creators Action Fund has already spent an estimated $50,000 on one candidate: Ally Seifried.

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Mrs. Seifried, a recent college graduate, has received thousands in campaign contributions from the State Chamber, but also benefited from four advocacy mailers from the Job Creators Action Fund – the PAC directly tied to the Oklahoma State Chamber.

There’s evidence in addition to the dirty money trail. Eye witness testimony of voters paint Mrs. Seifried as someone willing to say whatever is necessary to win votes.

Mishela Deboer, a prominent supporter of medical freedom and America First candidates, posted a firsthand account of a conversation she had with Mrs. Seifried.

“Ally Seifreid said Oklahoma needed a vaccine mandate,” Deboer recounts. “As we spoke more she realized that I believe in the sort of Liberty our U.S. Constitution upholds, medical freedom. When Ms. Seifried realized where I stood on this subject suddenly she was opposed to the vaccine mandate. I was not impressed by her flip flop on this issue.”

Mrs. Deboer also voiced concerns that Ms. Seifried is flimsy on abortion.

“On the Rogers State University campus she is known as a Pro-Choice Conservative,” Mrs. Deboer shared, citing a Facebook post by Victoria Middleton, a former member of the Oklahoma Federation of College Republicans.

A thorough investigation into the Oklahoma State Chamber reveals that it supports open borders, paved the way for the woke homosexual agenda in Oklahoma schools through Common Core, and now actively takes washed Oklahoma tax dollars and then redeploys them to elect candidates that fit profiles that are useful to their system of corruption and kickbacks.

Oklahoma voters need to know their taxes are supporting candidates already selected from corrupt schemes.

If this is happening in America’s reddest state, just imagine what’s happening everywhere else.

Please stay tuned for further reports in our multi part series on the “Globalist Playbook to Pervert Oklahoma.