Man Bucks Collective Denialism, Potentially Saves Millions of Lives

Hours before the worldwide release of “Died Suddenly”, one man’s actions have provided the framework to save millions of lives.

“Died Suddenly”, a documentary being dubbed as the “film of our generation”, travels around the world to find answers, and tell the stories, of those who have Died Suddenly from the Covid Clot Shot.

Ernest Ramirez’s 16-year-old son Ernesto, Jr. is one of these victims. He took the Pfizer vaccine in April 2021 shortly after the vaccine was authorized for teenagers. But just days after the vaccine, Ernesto Jr. died suddenly of sudden heart complications.

The autopsy came back with heart enlargement. The teenager’s heart was twice the size expected for his age. This is reflected on Ernesto Jr’s death certificate.

The federal government has tried to silence Ernest from exposing the truth behind his son’s untimely murder by greedy Big Pharma globalists. They’ve even offered to pay him off, TWICE, if he agreed to change the cause of death on Ernesto Jr’s death certificate to “Covid-19”.

Ernest has rebuked these offers and continues to travel the country, speaking out against the covid death jabs and honoring the memory of his son.

Despite the overwhelming evidence presented in the documentary, there’s going to be millions of parents that will NEVER admit that the shot had anything to do with their children’s death, because THEY’RE the ones that did it to them.

These parents cannot psychologically deal with the grief that accompanies knowingly signing off on an experimental death shot for their kid. They will NEVER admit to it.

The parents that are coming forward, calling out Big Pharma and Big Government for MURDERING their children are few and far between.

This is what makes Ernest Ramirez unique. This is why he’s a HERO.

This is why Ernesto Jr’s death will not be in vain, it will save millions of lives.

Ernest’s life was turned upside-down and shattered. But through prayer, pain, and grit, he’s a shining example of a real-life HERO.

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