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Truckers Track Trudeau, Alabama’s Auschwitz, Military Vax Massacre, RN Whistleblower and MORE

The Stew Peters Show (January 25, 2022)

Covid-19 is already literally everywhere, so the idea of “stopping the spread” is silly and ludicrous. Once you account for that, it’s hard to think of a blue collar job that’s less likely to spread the virus all over than a truck driver. They just drive their trucks all day, by themselves. They’re not around other people more often than anyone who runs normal day-to-day errands. In Canada, two weeks ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau imposed a vax mandate for any trucker driving across the Canadian/U.S. border, which tens of thousands of truckers do every single day. A few days later, Chairman Biden imposed the same rule for truckers coming here. Martin Brodmann joins us to elaborate.

Corrine Lund is a registered nurse who has been one of our top whistleblowers regarding events unfolding in our hospitals. Back in September she told us how hospitals were vaccinating sedated elderly patients without their consent. Now, Corrine says she’s seen the inevitable sequel to that surge: the die-off. Corrine says there are so many bodies that the local morgues have overflowed and they have to put extras into trailers in the parking lot. She says people are dying of myocarditis, atrial fibrillation, strokes, respiratory failure, every ailment you can think of, and they’re all brain and heart clot related.

Last week, Dr. Bryan Ardis told us about the financial incentives that our government and our hospitals have created, which encourage them to abuse patients like Scott Quiner until they wither away and die from a virus that should have easily survived. It’s a pattern we’ve seen over and over again: Covid case, Remdesivir, ventilator, death. Sean Dickens believes his mother was killed by these broken protocols, and now his brother in law’s father is in the hospital, and on the same timeline, and he fears he may be killed too.

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has been doing brave work to highlight all the unnecessary injuries and possibly deaths inflicted on our young people by vaccine mandates, mandates that are doing nothing to stop the disease and wouldn’t matter if they did, because young people are at virtually no risk from Covid. A few weeks ago, he had military flight surgeon Theresa Long testify on Capitol Hill about the effects she’d seen from the vaccine first-hand. Thomas Renz is an attorney who has been fighting against vaccine mandates and other evil all over the country. He joins us.

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