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BREAKING: Kingston EXPOSES Universal Experimental Vaxx Rollout, Disease Riddles 450k Cattle

Happy Thursday from The Stew Peters Show! We have a new episode for YOU, that is absolutely SPECTACULAR!

Karen Kingston joins to talk about the Flu Vaccine that was found out to be an experimental injection, but never had to disclose this fact due to it never having emergency authorization.

Tim Ramthun joins to talk about the major victory in Arizona for the America First movement as well as his own efforts to decertify the 2020 election in Wisconsin!

Bobbi Powell joins to expose his PROOF of Federal Agents infiltrated January 6th to frame the attending patriots as terrorists. He also bring to light 17 house reps who refused to share this information, as well as FAKER Dan Bongino who swept it under the rug!

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1 year ago

Dear Stew as always another great and informative show, thank you for your continued efforts, in regards to the segment with Karen Kingston, there’s one question if Trump honestly didn’t have the correct information when he signed warp speed, and all of this over whelming evidence has come to light on masks swabs pcr tests and the bio weapons themselves, add in a distinct fact that once a person takes the crap there sovereignties are gone as a person, why is Trump still pushing the poison in all of his rallies, I’d also like to add from memory that back in 17-18 he was going to go after pharma and wasn’t going to accept campaign donations from them same with Desantis, why are they both pushing the shots. In my humble opinion, anyone shilling for the shots getting kick backs/donations from pharma or distributing them is in bed with pharma/Fauci and is henceforth guilty of treason and crimes against humanity!

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