Mar-A-Lago Raid and Trump’s 9/11; Was Trump Holding Evidence about the Release of SARs 2?

Weeks after the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, we are left still questioning the logic behind such an aggressive attack. Everyone has been stuck speculating. George Webb joins the Stew Peters show to hopefully put our questions to rest and reveal what the FBI was really after.

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Judith Mauldin
1 year ago

I hope he kept the originals and they got copies!

Tiffany Beattie
1 year ago

I think their trying to get papers showing Trump is still our President. He signed several executive orders relating to election fraud is he still our President under Maritime Law . Gold fringe flags??? The lame inauguration which was a funeral . No hail to the chief ! 13 gun salute not 21 . The national Guard in DC until March 2020. They turned their backs to Biden and don’t salute him as he passes . He arrived in a 747 regular plane not Air Force one . Trump signed the Insurrection act before he left.Their was election interference by a foreign Entity. The only person to direct the National Guard is President. Not one person in Space Force is changed from Trumps appointment of them . Turning over his presidency to the military in a maritime law. Biden is the president of the bankrupt corporation of America. They want to find the paperwork that actually says this. Read the executive order 13848, 13958, 13859, 13919, 13885 . President Emergency Act , Stafford Act
Title 10 Title 32 , 10 US code 246, 10 US code 12406, 47 US Code 606 War Power of the President . Article II and IV of the Constitution. National Emergency issued , Presidential Emergency Issued and mom addressed by Congress . Trump extended his Power of President via Law and Order of the Constitution. Ask Rattlesnake 1776 to breakdown this for your viewers it’s awesome and all right in front of our faces .

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