SHOCKING: White Embalmer Clots Are Self Assembling Circuits

Welcome to the Dr. Jane Ruby Show –. The results are in…Board certified embalmer and funeral director, Richard Hirschman’s bizarre and mysterious white clots pulled from sudden death in C19 jabbed cadavers, are no longer mysteries, thanks to the work of microscopy expert and Brighteon TV founder, Mike Adams. The most definitive finding is that these white thick castings taken from the arteries and veins of the injected dead are not blood clots and they are highly metallic, electrical conducting circuits and Mike Adams is here today for a stunning 2-part interview and the show wraps with a look at the real meaning of Biden’s March 2022 EO, that plans a take over of digital currency by years end...for your health? This is the Dr. Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth In Medicine. For YOUR Life Transformation (Promo Code: Ruby)

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1 year ago

Thank you and Mike Adams and Mr. Hirschman for this. I found some articles that may help explain what these are. I believe they are electromagnetic hydrogels. Regarding the fact that they are invisible from imaging–hydrogels exsist which can be visible in normal light but disappear in lower x-rays frequencies, they also can be invisible to certain sonic frequencies. Regarding the fact that the body doesn’t attack them or reject them, biohydrogels have been created specifically to fool the body. Regarding biopolymerization aggregation, electromagnetic hydrogels were created to do exactly this. They don’t need AI to assemble, just chemistry and raw materials from the blood and the shot. It has to do with magnetic polarization, which reminds me of the the jabbed blood you’ve shown before. Regarding the wire, liquid wire hydrogels exist, and specifically liquid wire hydrogels to control the heart rate, which are injected as a liquid, flow throughout the body, then form, see the Texas Heart Institute article online from April 2022: Liquid Wires Revolutionize Cardiology. If I’m right, and these are hydrogels, these can’t be shed, you need the starter fluid injected. A quick read is from MIT NEWS online, 12/7/15:Stretchable hydrogel electronics (don’t be fooled by title, the whole article is on how hydrogels can finally allow electronics to be injected into people without fear of rejection. But if I am right, hydrogels cannot be disolved, only destroyed…which doesn’t bode well for those at risk for the obstructions.

Jennifer A Hall
1 year ago
Reply to  Kcm

I shared a video post that appeared on telegram last week, it was the head of the CCP, giving a talk, to a large audience,military, he said, that the intention of the covid 19 injection was to bring America down, that the military and the elites who take the vax will die, and that all who have taken it will die, he said they are all chipped, and that all their details are held in the Cloud..he said the ones who have helped them expand this around the world, will Jo longer be needed…he said their is no cure , but that it is transmitted to others, and they have the antidote, but this will only be used on the non vaxed who are affected.

1 year ago

Love to see the video. Got a link?

Teresa Richards
1 year ago
Reply to  marty

Me too!! Plz post the link’s

Anita Ronyak
1 year ago

May I ask your Telegram channel name? I’d like to see it. I believe this.

Anita Ronyak
1 year ago
Reply to  Anita Ronyak

On telegraph and fb I am Nita ronyak. You could friend me and send it by messenger.

Teresa Richards
1 year ago

Can you send me the link please.

Steven Pelech
1 year ago

Seems like atherosclerotic clots to me, which take on the shape of the blood vessels that they clot. Such clots are primarily composed of fat and protein, tend to be white and are very rubbery. It is also dangerous to make extrapolations about metal elemental levels based on a single individual. The person who died may have been living in an environment that had high metal toxicity.

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