Dr. Jane Ruby Show: CDC Caught Hiding Exploding C19 Shot Cancers

On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane shows evidence from expert sources, that the number of new, rare, and aggressive cancers is sky rocking in the VAERS system. But the CDC, known for its corruption and major role in the mass genocide roll out, is not only actively hiding these exploding cancers deaths from the C19 shots, but they are now caught moving those cancer numbers into a covid infection category to keep accomplish two things: Making the exploding numbers of cancer in the jabbed – the real cause of deaths, disappear, while fueling the fear porn narrative that covid infection is on the rise The unabated murder continues. This is the Dr Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter truth in medicine.

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Suzanne Ryan
1 year ago

Thank you Dr. Jane Ruby! I appreciate your courage to stand up to money craving Big Pharma! I don’t know how they can live with their conscience!

1 year ago

Excellent information, thank you, Dr. Ruby! Might I add that your hair pulled back is very flattering!

1 year ago

On it Dr Jane Ruby! Thank you.. Doing what we can to spread this far and wide.
Do you have this info? It came from Children’s Health Defence, originally just before the C event hit Italy.
…”As seen for the short INDELs, even in the case of large insertions and deletions, the vaccine genome is therefore not in line with a “normal” human genome, being much more “rearranged” than a genome of a common person….”

“…Conclusion The human genomic DNA contained in the Priorix lot vaccine. n. A71CB256A is evidently anomalous, presenting important inconsistencies if compared to a typical human genome, i.e. the one of a healthy human being. There are several unknown variants (not noted in public databases) and some of them are located in genes involved in cancer. What is also apparently anomalous, is the excess of genome that shows changes in the number of copies (CNV) and structural variants (SV), such as translocations, insertions, deletions, duplications and inversions, many of which involve genes. The potential contribution of the numerous variants (not present in the scientific literature and in public databases) to the phenotype of the cells used for the growth of vaccine viruses is not known. …”

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