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Looking For Crime in All The Wrong Places: Self Replicating Covid 19

On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane shows you the truth about self multiplying nanoparticles and how the technology hijacks your body to actually replicate C19 symptoms under the right circumstances; self replicating nanoparticles is already here; and she ties it in with Dr. Ardis’ envenomation and the show wraps with a discussion of detox; what it really is and the pitfalls of false claims. This is the Dr Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter truth in medicine.

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1 year ago

Stew asked who would be doing these things, to add poison to a municipal water supply, to add toxins to food products and supplements. Money was mentioned, and whilst that is powerful, there is more. You need secrecy. You need a degree of ignorance to contain a conscience. To do this globally, you need an army of worker bees, each doing their little part. They can’t see the big picture because if they did questions would be asked, so they do their one little bit, and they are paid for it. Think of the use of an image of a bee hive in many masonic lodge logos. Then think of he secrecy you need, and think of a Jesuit initiation oath, or the oath of an entered apprentice in Freemasonry, his and hers, and you have yourself an army to point at humanity. I live next door to a retired nurse who accepted a request to return to work to ‘vaccinate’ people, and whilst she knew the injections were highly risky, she did it for the money, and that was all she was interested in. Just because they wear the uniforms of our neighbors, it doesn’t mean they aren’t enemy.

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