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Veteran PARALYZED By Death Jab; PROOF: COVID Is Not A Virus, It’s A Parasitic Nano-weapon

Mat Taylor is an electrical engineer and architect from Texas, but he now lives off-grid in Ecuador. But he’s stepped away from his farming work temporarily to study and raise awareness about the vaccines.

It is a lie that Covid-19 came from the wild. There was the lie that you needed to mask to stop the spread, the lie that two masks were even better. The lie that protesting against lockdowns would spread the virus. We’ve now learned about brand new lies. Karen Kingston joins to discuss more!

The Stew Crew favorite, Ask Dr. Jane is back to detail the crimes of the FDA, dangers of the boosters, and more!

Steven Ordonia joins to expose how the Pfizer booster has turned his life upside down. He was an active veteran with a blackbelt in taekwondo, and now his disks are bulging, and his limbs are going numb!

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1 year ago

This is me!! Unvaxxed but all stuff Karen talks about I’ve been battling. I have some microscope pics that back up what I was feeling. Still in the battle but IM DOING MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN I WAS A YEAR AGO, there is HOPE!!

1 year ago

I want to know: who are the people controlling this plan. I don’t want to see a list of rich Jewish people….I want to see a list of developers. The scientists that are collaborating with others to make this plan unfold. There have to be policy pushers & scientists etc. Who “KNOWS” the plan? I can’t wrap my brain around the group that is planning this. It sounds too big. BUT, “they” whoever “they” are may know that.

1 year ago

So… what kind of new species are they looking to create by using humans as hosts??

Are we talking about a realm of demons? Or demonically controlled masses of zombies perhaps??

Your first interview today with Steven was yet another witness to cognitive alterations after inoculation. He said it himself – he thinks differently now by processing incoming information slower, he can no longer multi-task, he needs to put his full attention into each topic he’s addressing, there’s a level of brain fog he’s experiencing, etc.

What about the CDC’s own “just for fun hahaha” Zombie Apocalypse web page? They don’t have that up on the internet as a joke, as they have claimed. These evil people MUST forewarn us of their intentions beforehand by God’s decree which even they must obey and abide by. That WILL be coming at some point here in the next few years.

How do these nano-technology mixed with mRNA, mixed with known & not yet known pre-existing diseases, in an effort to create new parasitic species by using humans as the host, injected into 80%(+) of the population that requires the power coming from 5G radiation of the power grid play out here? What is it they are aiming to create??

Remember too, Dr. Carrie Madej told us they are specifically using HYDRAS as their designated parasite which CANNOT be destroyed in any way and self-rebuild from even the tiniest piece, but now it’s many times more in numbers than the original hydra because each time it gets cut up, it rgenerates (what’s the graphene oxide nano-sheets that are actually nano razor blades doing inside injected bodies again??? Any link to the “died suddenly”group?)

1 year ago

Remember too, speaking about Dr. Malones’s demonic laugh, that in the Bible, it states that many people will wish for death, but they cannot die. (I belive this is also a part of the book of Revelations)

How does the hydra parasite that’s found within the injections and this portion of Biblical prophesy coorespond with one another??

These are terrifying things that are being linked together – far worse than any “sit-com” TV series such as “The Walking Dead” series. But again, the evil-doers MUST comply with God’s doctrine of foreshadowing or warning us of what’s to come.

Makes one wonder about the locusts that will strip the land bare. Does this have anything to do with waves of survivors pillaging the land as they are displaced due to possible nuclear weapons being deployed as wars and rumors of wars does mass migration?? What about famine and plagues that we’re told to expect??

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