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SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Covid Vaxx, Beast System, And Servants Of The Devil In Disguise

Today on CrossTalk News, Edward sends in footage from the thermography screenings of The DIED SUDDENLY Movie, Coming to The Stew Peters Network on November 21st.

Karen Kingston joins to discuss the spiritual warfare of this era, as well as the battles we will face ahead. She discusses deception within the Covid Truth movement, as well as Elon Musk's recent Halloween Costume, featuring as 'The Devil's Champion'.

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All this and more, on today's CrossTalk News...

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1 year ago

Did you all read the comments under that video? Amazing was used over and over. No one is happy just being them. Id rather have the life my father in heaven has given me. This is not my home….home will be AMAZING not this fake stuff

1 year ago

Sounds go away about minute 26

1 year ago

Their actions were preplanned. They want AMNESTY for PLANNING this??? A PLAN is not an oops. A Plan — a long term Plan — is not a mistake or an accident. The PLANNED RESULTS they achieved are not unexpected consequences. This call for amnesty by the perpetrators is nothing but gaslighting, pushing their crime into the arena of OUR compassion and brotherly love, completely bypassing all the civilized processes for evidence, trial, justice and punishment which exist to work to maintain moral/ethical cleanliness in human society for the sake of our children’s protection and our future at the least!

Many thanks to Karen Kingston for making her research AVAILABLE to all of us so that we can digest it and hopefully USE it to prosecute these demonic crimes by these arrogant people who now think they can somehow embarrass or shame us into giving them a pass for their crimes! Bless you, Ms. K. All success for your Substack contributions to this challenge.

Thanks, Lauren, for showing this additional aspect of Elon Musk because that costume means something. The fact that he owns 20 percent of the mRNA tech means alot!

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