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Uncensored: Geoengineering Expert Says by 2025 There Will Be No Food or Life Left – Dane Wigington

Dane Wigington from joins us to discuss some of the key weather events being manufactured around the world, including La Nina in Australia. Dane says all of this intervention with the climate is going to cause rapid destruction of food supply and crops, predicting that by 2025 there will be nothing left. Dane also addresses the impossible task given to Australians recently by a Senator to prove geoengineering is occurring.

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1 year ago

Dane always wants to wimp out and go along with the narrative that these are geoengineering which they pretend have legitimate functions… yes destroying our planet and our health along with it… we don’t have to play their game Dane… which is why you haven’t accomplished much after all the years and dollars you’ve taken in… Not helping much…

1 year ago

What’s their endgame in destroying the planet? There is no escape for them either.

1 year ago

The Master Causing this Hide Underground and use the Towers and Satellites Cern to do these things but Humanity seems to care more about Cell Phones and the Tech. to even realize what it has been used to do

1 year ago

These scumbags are old and dying and I guess they want to destroy everything God Made on their way to Hell for Eternity

1 year ago

Reminds me of a saying by seasoned healthcare workers …..”if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. The elites are planning to go underground to survive the mess they are creating. Billl Gates is scavenging CO2, I suspect he thinks can replenish the CO2 afterwards to be able to replace the life he killed. As far as bugs, when they came up with eating bugs, I wondered where they thought they would get enough bugs to feed the population.

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