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mRNA Military-Grade Bioweapon Causes SURGE in Cancer, Disease, DEATH; MSM Pushes Cover-Up

“Died Suddenly” is closing in on 15 million views, and the film’s impact is not just being seen in America. It’s rapidly going worldwide, as our Australian correspondent Maria Zeee has witnessed firsthand.Senators in Australia, are finally speaking out about the countries dramatic rise in sudden and overall deaths.

Ever since the release of “Died Suddenly” we have continued to receive more and more emails from people telling their own stories of loved loans who were lost to sudden death after these forced vaccines. Allen and Taylor Martin are the parents of Trista Martin. They just sent our program a message.

Grifters are keeping J-6ers behind bars! J-er Jake Lang joins to detail how his campaign was infiltrated by dangerous grifters, who siphoned his donation, keeping him locked in the Gulags!

Karen Kingston joins the show to call for accountability from the vaccine manufacturers! What was marketed as a life-saving injection, is actually a nanotech kill shot, used for genocide!

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1 year ago

Because it says – my people die due to their lack of knowledge.

1 year ago

Excerpt from Jesus’ Message “They will kill you… Trust only in Me!” by Sister Nana from April 26, 2020

Jesus says. “My people, please heed this warning. As the shutdown is lifted in your nation (America), so will many vaccines and cures be sent for testing. They will try to do this quickly for fear of spreading this virus, and also for fear, many will run to get the vaccine.

“No, it’s not the sign yet, as some have said, that time hasn’t come yet, but this vaccine will severely damage your immune system instead of strengthening it. It breaks it down to make you more susceptible to the plagues they will unleash upon your nation again. This has nothing to do with your government and your sitting president (Trump), but with those who came before him.

“My people, you must remember, they had this plan a long time ago, they have been waiting for this moment, the right moment to implement their plans for the new world order. The deep state and many servants of satan are so frustrated because I continue to mitigate every attack, every plan and every assault that they are causing the nations and the world to hasten the time of their reign, but they forget that I AM God and I AM in control.

“I AM even in control of them, I allow the times and seasons of these things, and they work under My heavenly jurisdiction as to what they allow to awaken My people and bring many of the lost back to their senses. Why do the nations rage and the kings of the earth come to fight a losing battle? Indeed, I will be victorious in the end.

“However, My people, this does not cancel the fact that I am truly coming and these are the signs announced to prepare you, so that you will believe when you see these things and not fear. This is not the time to go back to business as usual, this is not the time to go back to your old ways of thinking, this is not the time to go back to the rat wheel of this world.

“No, My beloved, this is not a time to go back to Egypt. I am calling you all out of this bondage of the world and calling you into My heart. I call you to see what is most important in your life…. Your salvation and the salvation of your families.”

1 year ago

They started with the elderly, then the workers, now the children! Lord Jesus Christ.

Here are two messages for all of us who do wrong:
– Woe, woe to you who do not let My Word reach My children who could answer Me, it would have been better for you to tie a rock around your neck and throw yourselves into the depths of the sea than to harm My little ones! Lord Jesus Christ
– It would have been better for you not to have been born! Lord Christ God

1 year ago

For those vaccinated so as not to die use Good Friday Oil, exorcised water and prayer to My Blood, no plague or virus resists against My Blood. Lord Jesus Christ

Try to pray with your whole being.
(find the time when you pray with the attention of your heart)
Faith heals.

Prayer given to us by Jesus Christ, God

May Lord Jesus help you
May He strengthen you
May He heal you
By His Grace, Love and Mercy.

1 year ago

Here, beloved of God, is what some Saints were saying long before Plan-Demonics began …

St. Nil Dorobanțu (1920 – 1977)

IT IS COLD AND HOT WAR, it is persecution, dungeon, slavery, barbarism,

VIRUSOLOGICAL, electronic, radioactive, mass disease, etc.

St. Paisie Aghiorite (1924 -1994)

…now a vaccine has been developed to combat a new disease, which will be compulsory, and those who take it will be marked… Later, anyone not marked with the number 666 will not be able to buy or sell, get a loan, get a job and so on. My thinking tells me that this is the system by which the Antichrist has chosen to take over the whole world, and people who are not part of this system will not be able to get a job and so on – whether they are black, white or red; in other words, everyone will be taken over by an economic system that controls the global economy and only those who have accepted the seal, the 666 marking, will be able to participate in the business of commerce. – Elder Paisie – Signs of the Times, p.204, The Holy Monastery of Mount Athos.

St. Pr. Justin Pârvu (1918 – 2013)

“It’s the time of the martyrdom! Fight to the end! FEAR NOT!”
“DON’T GET THIS VACCINE and anything that today’s political powers bring !!!
… These are ravening wolves, it is no longer a chosen dominion, it is an anti-Christ, anti-Christ dominion.
… With the martyrdom of children the Church of Christ began, with the martyrdom of infants, the persecution of this last age begins. But I reckon that the innocent sacrifice of these children will not be in vain, but will give power to the elect of the Church of Christ. And I believe that it will be a crowning of Christianity through the sacrifice of innocent children.
– Father, how do you advise the people to proceed with regard to these criminal vaccines that will be forcibly imposed on our children and expectant mothers and perhaps in the future on everyone?
– My dear people, it is difficult to give an answer to a whole nation, because we have only painful solutions, because this is the reality we live in: very, very painful. I have said since the beginning of the year that we must prepare for martyrdom, and I could not have said more, but people are powerless in spirit and mind to understand. It is not easy to live nowadays. But if the Lord has so willed that we should suffer these times, then we must obey and receive with joy all that comes upon us, as from the hand of God and not of the enemy. It is more difficult now, because we have become accustomed to convenience, to television, and to all the fads and liberties; well, my dear ones, we are only now seeing the harmful effect of these liberties – they have weakened our powers of soul: the mind is weighed down, the body weakened, and because of the poisoned food with which our elders feed us, and we are not accustomed to wage any kind of war, either spiritual or bodily. Therefore, please stop looking for solutions. There are no human solutions, my dear! The solution is death for Christ. Father to son and mother to daughter will give you death. Behold, we are witnessing the fulfillment of this prophecy.
If the mother will let the child be vaccinated, it is as if she will give it to death.

God the Son, Teacher and Saviour Jesus Christ and God the Father

– Satan through the puppets of this world wants to inoculate you with his venom. God the Father.
– Eat what no one should eat!
– Prepare yourselves physically and spiritually!
– You will reach unleavened bread!
– You will live as in the old days!
– How many of you have been vaccinated with Me?

Mother of God. Sister Lucia, 1957. The decisive battle between the Virgin and the Devil

(Your Mother and Ours! Said Archangel Michael)

“Father, the devil is about to engage in a decisive battle against the Blessed Virgin. And the devil knows what it is that offends God the most and that in a short time he will give him the greatest number of souls. So the devil does everything to defeat the souls consecrated to God, because he knows that in this way the souls of the faithful, left without guidance, will fall more easily into his hands.

What particularly offends the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Heart of Jesus is the fall of religious and priestly souls. The devil knows that for every religious or priest who denies his holy vocation, many souls are dragged to hell… The devil longs to take possession of consecrated souls. He tries in every way to corrupt them, to numb the souls of the faithful and lead them to the greatest impenitence.

“Father, the Virgin Mary did not expressly say that we are approaching the last days, but she made me understand this for three reasons. The first is because she told me that the devil is about to engage in a final battle against Our Lady, from which we will emerge victorious or defeated: so from now on we will have to choose which side we stand on: either we are with God or we are with the devil. There is no other choice.

1 year ago

YOU Can Save Them!

Please! Let everyone know!

Shout from the rooftops to stop these toxic injections and try to wake your people up!

You can use Good Friday oil or exorcism water to bless the vaccinated so they don’t die!

Our Lord Jesus Christ to Prophet John Leary, Wednesday, August 25, 2021
Jesus said, “My people, this strange vision of filth and ashes is a sign of My righteousness, for I will destroy the evil people who are trying to kill My people with their poisonous and evil vaccines and viruses. Those evil politicians and doctors, who lie to the people about the evil plan of population reduction, will be burned and destroyed for their evil deeds. These evil people are trying to use employers and colleges to force poisonous vaccines on employees and students. Your people need to wake up and realize that these mandatory shots will kill you in a few years. Even choose to die to keep a job when you won’t be there. This is why intentionally killing so many people is so evil, and your lying leaders and health people should be put in jail for intentionally trying to reduce your population.

Soon you will see many dead bodies on the ground because of these evil injections. Shout from the rooftops to stop these toxic injections and try to wake up your people to fight these illegal and evil mandates that should not be followed. If you protest loud enough, you might be able to stop these illegal mandates. You can use Good Friday oil or exorcism water to bless the vaccinated so they don’t die. Either way, you will see the bodies of these wicked burned to a crisp for their evil deeds. My justice will be visited upon the wicked who cause these mandates. My believers will be called to My safe havens to avoid the administration of vaccines, where you will be fed and protected from the UN troops who will try to kill you.”
On the latest Climate Change meeting in Egypt, the Antichrist was secretly crowned by some high Luciferians.
Satan through antichrist will accelerate his agenda. Immediately after the coronation Klaus Schwab and Mrs. Ursula announced the CHIP !
Then they open the Illuminati/demonic bar în UAE, easy to guess what awaits us. A serious prayer we should have, one a minute.
What does means? Lord Jesus Christ will come so fast.
And with Him will come also Divine Justice! And His Peace!

1 year ago

ATTENTION! People of this generation! What Jesus Christ God is telling us …

At the last climate change meeting in Egypt, the Antichrist was secretly crowned by some high Luciferians, (before the official presentation).

Immediately after the coronation Dnl. Schwab and Mrs. Ursula came out publicly announcing the CHIP!

What does this mean? Lord Jesus Christ will come very soon.
And with Him will come Divine Justice! But also the Love, Peace, Love and Happiness that God and all the Holy Seers have promised with the Spirit and in His Book, the Bible.

God the Father: in every generation I have sent Messengers and in this generation it is the same!

The Mother of God asks for our continued prayer!

1 year ago

Jesus says… Choose Me & not Satan!…
Don’t accept the Mark of the Beast – THE CHIP
May 9, 2015 – Excerpt from Jesus’ Message to Sister Carol

(Jesus) “This Life lasts only a few short minutes, and eternity is very, very, very long. This is the idea that must be clear to those who are left behind… Life is the ONLY time that you have to make this most important decision of all, the decision to follow ME – Jesus the Christ – in the days to come. There are only two choices, no matter what the government, your friends, bosses, families, or any other may try to convince you.

“Choose Me or satan. With Me you will have Life Everlasting – from eternity to eternity in Glory, Life and Love more pure than you can ever try to imagine. With satan, it will be nothing but pain, death, misery, endless torment and fire. The first death of your body will end with the second death… Eternal separation from Me, the God Who formed you in your mother’s womb, who breathed life into your very soul, who loves you more than you can ever understand.

“So tonight I appeal to you. Which do you want? The Enemy of your soul has filled this world with every device he could conceive of to lie, steal, kill and destroy you and all of mankind, to convince you, that pleasure for the moment was worth trading away life Eternal. It is the same story as Jacob and Esau… Blessings and Riches traded in for a moment of bodily pleasure, never to be exchanged again once the decision is made.

“I tell you… Beware of the Mark – the Computer Chip. Man laughs at it, the government lies about it. But I tell you the truth… If you accept it, your very DNA will be changed into a son of satan himself, and there is no more redemption for you.

“Be wise, My children – be very wise now. Listen for Me. Listen for MY voice to help you through the days that come upon you, for they alone will give you life. My Voice alone will guide you through the maze of death that satan has designed for you. And even though the times will be torturous and hard – it is but for a short while. I will rescue you. I will be there, near to you. Call out to Me for Salvation first – and then for salvation of Life, so that you live and not be killed.

“I am near to you all. I am calling you to My side. Be wise, My Friends, My Children. Be Wise! Your Loving Father, Abba… Jesus”

1 year ago

The Death of America, spiritually and physically & Its Resurrection,
Reminder from April 8, 2022
Jesus’ Message from April 9, 2015 thru Sister Clare
(Clare) I came into prayer very late tonight and after about 20 minutes with the Lord in worship I saw us in black. I was wearing a black widow’s garment and Jesus was wearing a black widower’s garment.

Jesus began… “The death of America, spiritually and physically. You know well what is being played on the surface, saber rattling, exercises near the North Pole, all of that is just for show.

“The man people call your president (Obama), the man of stealth and intrigue who gains office by deceit is merely playing to the masses so that when destruction comes it will look authentic – when in reality it is no more than a superficial show to cover the destruction of all sovereignties, that only one may dominate the world. He has done a stellar job of destroying you, America.

“And this I have allowed, because you have played the harlot and slept with every passerby while I, your Husband, stood by as each had their turn in our bed. And now what shall I say … The ten horns which you saw, and the beast, will hate the harlot and will make her desolate and naked, and will eat her flesh and will burn her up with fire.

“For I have put it in their hearts to execute My purpose by having a common purpose, and by giving their kingdom to the beast, until My words will be fulfilled… That indeed is what I say.

“Nonetheless, I am still with you, even as Hosea waited on Gomer to finish her whoring and grow weary of her paramours (secret lovers). Yes, indeed I am still here America, and when you seek Me with your whole heart you will indeed find Me, ready to reconcile you to Myself, says the Lord your God.

“So in the heat of your injuries, turn to Me and I will give you comfort. I will wash and medicate your burns, I will dress them with clean linens, I will lead you by the right way and restore the ruined homesteads to you. Yes, you will recover, you will again be faithful to Me.

“I speak not to the detestable worshipers of Baal whom your capitol city was built for, no – I speak not to you, for you shall be utterly destroyed.

“Even in your underground country, yes you, who feel so secure in your coffins. You, I do consider no more, for you shall be no more in My way.

“I speak to the hearts of America that continue to hold the vision I inspired. Those who refused to sleep with foreigners, those who could not overcome the greedy ones who held dominance and sway over a shallow and gullible people bent on living for their comforts. I am with you.

“Go forward with courage. I, Myself, will be with you and in the end, what has been planned for you will come to naught and again you will rise from the ashes to succor the world and be in accord with My Kingdom as it comes to free all men from the Oppressor.

“My peace be with you, sons and daughters of America, who hold to the vision of righteousness. Crippling blows shall you receive, but I will restore and find My pleasure in you once again as your country returns to Me

“One Nation Under the God Who suffers with you, the God who loves you and bestowed great beauty on your land, and the God who surely will restore you. Hold fast to these words for they are faithful and true.”

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