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EXCLUSIVE: The Bioweapon Jab is MUTATING Children! Bill Gates Predicts “More Severe” Plandemic

The World Economic Forum predicts the future and expects catastrophic cyber attacks across the world.
Maria Zeee joins Stew to explain the next phase of the globalists' plan of world domination.
Get ready for a continued disruption of services including telecommunications, banking, cyber attacks, and privacy breaches.
Expect the globalists to roll out central bank digital currencies and digital IDs worldwide.
Check out the heroes of medicine and get the facts at
Trump must admit he was badly misled and quit promoting the death vaxx.
Dr. Paul Alexander agrees with Stew that Trump is totally out of touch on the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines.
Pull the vaccine from the market now and under no circumstances should the clot shot be given to children.
Bill Gates shakes down world governments, demands more money, and threatens to start another pandemic!
Naomi Wolf is here to explain the global takeover and how Bill Gates is a Chinese “cat’s paw”.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation control the mainstream media by paying them to implement “covid education”.
News companies committed trafficking crimes by taking money from Pharma and then convincing people to inject themselves with poison!
The globalists are completely in bed with China and look to them as a model for governments around the world.
The clot shot trains your body to make more and more toxic spike proteins!
Dr. Eduardo "Ed" Balbona is here to explain how the spike protein accumulates in multiple organs and causes chaos.
The evidence is clear and a case can be made that the vaccine was made in a bioweapon laboratory.
The vaccine creates larger amounts of the spike protein than the covid-19 virus but pediatricians continue to jab children!
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1 year ago

Trump is another Corporation beholding to the Money Changers/ Bilderberg Group and we saw son in-law at their meeting in 2016 and now they are prepping Florida’s Ron DeSantis as the next Front Runner when although on the surface he appears to be taking on these corp. frauds but has hidden things he to has done to harm the people too like approving Remdesivir Protocol in Florida Hospitals and handing them 20% more on the entire bill when they die and it killed over 53% of those it was used on in Africa way before COVID and they stopped using it because it was too deadly and Florida has a Bio Weapon Lab in Alachua Fl. like COVID did to use Universities for their experiments we really must pick who runs and investigate them all

1 year ago

Why do we keep wondering why this evil is upon us? Its crystal clear to me that this is Gods promised wrath on His children for their disobedience to His laws. America was once Gods Kingdom and now its a cesspool. Repent America.

1 year ago

The Money Changers From Israel is the Plague not the Jewish People but those who call themselves and are the same as those who conspired to crucify Jesus and they still hate him and betray even God Himself and they created the Petrol Dollar to rob Natural Resources and Claim Control over all People and everything God Made and gave pretty paper and took everything of real value in return

1 year ago

Dr Malone has one of these labs in Alachua Florida where they can use University of Florida for experiments and now we know they have been using Universities to run experiments just like COVID which was invented and experimented on in UNC Chapel Hill

1 year ago

He had a different formula in the shots that they gave they had ivermecton and hydrochloride azithriamison zinc and another ing

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