Shots Fired with DeAnna Lorraine

Kids Dying of CARDIAC ARREST & Trump Keeps Shilling the Vax! + Karen Kingston & CPS Kidnapping

Karen Kingston joins the show to discuss the latest breaking news in the Covid BIOWEAPON war! Children are now dying suddenly and dropping like flies from Heart attacks and damaged hearts, while the Vax makers are at DAVOS and drumming up new ways to keep ensuring as many kids take it! Trump is still bragging about the jab as of this week and dismisses Vax injuries!

Then DeAnna is joined by a loving mother, Rosalinda, who had her 3 children and then newborn BABY stolen from her by corrupt CPS, for no reason, and refuses to give them back no matter how many hoops she jumps through. Now they are being abused in sinister foster homes and their childhood and innocence robbed from them. Don't miss her story, it can happen to any parent!

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1 year ago

“Humanity” does not make their decisions based off of what President Trump said or says …
This is the lesson, of all lessons, that those who are conquered, and deeply into the rabbit hole of cognitive dissonance, need … Or, nothing will ever change …

And, if you remember, in the beginning, he touted all of the alternatives, that EVERYONE either eliminated from prescriptions or availability, or blasted out that they are NNOT the best, and possibly can kill you (Neil Cavuto) …

Jane Doe
1 year ago

When you are lucky to have someone as smart as Karen Kingston on, it’s best that you talk LESS and listen MORE. With each flap of your jaw, we see how little research YOU’VE done.

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