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mRNA PROVEN To Store In Ovaries As Fetal Death Rates SURGE, CDC ADMITS Vaxx Causes Strokes

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Dr. Alexander highlights the insidious nature of the vaccine rollout.
If a government wanted to harm a population intentionally, the vaccine is the perfect way to do it!
The CDC and FDA announced their surveillance system flagged a possible link between the new Pfizer-BioNTech bivalent Covid-19 vaccine and strokes in people aged 65 and over. Yet, they are continuing to recommend the shots!

Vaccine nano-particles are weapons of biowarfare and designed to kill you.
Fetal deaths and miscarriages have risen at alarming rates.
Dr. James Thorp is here to explain the truth behind the disastrous effects the vaccine is having on pregnant women.
Dr. Thorp reports government data is showing a 1200% increase in menstrual abnormalities.
The bodily harm done by the Covid-19 vaccine has hurt millions!

The pro-mask German government relies on fear to keep their citizens under control.
Mask mandates are still being enforced in Germany as the government looks to make an example out of anyone who steps out of line.
Dr. Monika Jiang joins Stew to detail her unjust prosecution and outrageous jail sentence of 2+ years. Dr. Jiang granted mask exemptions to her patients so they could breathe free. The German government is so drunk on power they are now prosecuting individuals who received mask exemptions from Dr. Jiang.

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Was Tiffany Dover paid off by Big Pharma to keep her vaxx injury a secret?
Christopher Key is here to discuss his latest theory on her disappearance and apparent new found wealth.
According to records she purchased a large amount of land in Alabama and is currently building a new house.
This is raising suspicions as pharmaceutical companies have been known to offer big money to protect their trillion dollar industry.

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