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Pro Vaxx NFL In Damage Control Public Questions If Damar Hamlin Appearance Is Real

Is Damar Hamlin trying to hide the real cause of his heart attack from the very people who prayed for God to heal him?
Lauren Witzke is here to answer questions about Damar Hamlin’s suspicious appearance and why he refused to show his face.
Vaccine shills want American blacks to have confidence in vaccines which is reminiscent of the Tuskegee Experiments.
To cover up their depopulation agenda, Big Pharma will spend any amount of hush money to keep vaccine lies alive.
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1 year ago

Good points, Stew! Damar’s so-called appearance at the game on Sunday appears to be a case of subterfuge…someone else dressed up like him and not showing his face deliberately! And why not share with everyone WHY he keeled over on the field in Cincinnati less than a month ago? We’re all waiting for an explanation, but chirping crickets is all we get. Highly suspicious indeed!

1 year ago

I also question if the woman walking into the stadium was really his mother. She does have some of the same characteristics, like the eyebrows, however here hair is shorter than when she was in the hospital, and at the game that day, maybe hair extensions. Did she leave his bedside to get her hair done, as a mom myself, I highly doubt it! While walking into the stadium she is carrying a pink cellphone, she also had a pink cellphone on the field when he collapsed. Is the woman walking into the stadium heavier than his mom?

Damar is a ‘somebody’ unlike the millions of ‘nobodies’ who didn’t survive the jabs, to their friends and families they were ‘somebody’, they were everything! We must not let his death be in vain, if bringing attention to the truth saves even one life, it will have been worth it. Prayers to the family.

1 year ago

Stew, have the courage to say it like Dr Jane. Damar Hamlin is dead.

1 year ago

Why wasn’t the ambulance company or anything else written on it. Why didn’t the ambulance have LIGHTS ? When they put him in the ambulance it was empty. Zoom in .. no medical equipment in there WHY?????

1 year ago

I had a massive heart attack. Back in 2012. One of the restrictions was NO PLANE .. not until I went and finish to Heart therapy.

1 year ago

I heard diamond took the jab. Her sister said they were just against mandates

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