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AI Reveals Truth About The Smithsonian Nephilim Cover-up

In this episode of CrossTalk, Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke are joined by Matt Skow, Director of the “Died Suddenly” documentary that has taken the world by storm. Edward and Matt discuss many topics related to technological advances in the world today that can be linked to Revelation, and why these strange events and people must not stop us from orienting ourselves towards Christ and his Gospel. Ed and Lauren then go in depth about a shocking internal FBI Memo leaked by a brave whistleblower that exposes the Bureau’s targeting of faithful Catholics and their further attempts to infiltrate conservative groups through the Church. It is learned that the agency will stop at nothing, including potentially wiretapping confessionals, to find the extremist boogeyman they are looking for. Finally, the pair end on a whitepilling note by discussing the Kansas City Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker, a devout Christian who puts faith and family above the fame and fortune of his NFL Career.

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Jon Taylor
1 month ago

Love this episode. Great stuff.. It was especially fun to see you guys work out on the fly the Nephelim versus demonology versus the Elohim “sons of God” relationship.
I would totally recommend you both read 2 books to get the Biblical Theology of the supernatural nailed down. First, the one that is most closely related to today’s topic is “The Roots of the Federal Reserve: Tracing the Nephilim from Noah to the US Dollar” by Laura Sanger This is an epic must read.Second, is a must read for every Christian who understands that our battle is not against flesh and blood and that is Micheal Heiser’s “The Unseen Realm”.. It is also an audio book. And Laura references Heiser’s work on the cast of characters in God’s Divine Council.My reason for the recommendations is that no where in the OT is there a reference to a 3rd of angels rebelling.. Revelations does have that moment, but it is not part of supernatural world view of the OT and it’s writers.. The truth is in the Bible, not Milton’s “Paradise Lost”.This show and it’s influence and ministry are too important for me not to recommend these books.. It will do wonders in understanding the world we all find ourselves in today, and the enemy we are up against. Thanks for all you guys do.

Al Green
1 month ago

Edward – Demons or “evil spirits” are the disembodied spirits of the offspring of the “Sons of God” and the daughters of men. Nephilim, if you will. All that is omitted in the Genesis 6 mention – is fully explained by Enoc in the book of Enoc

Jon Taylor
1 month ago
Reply to  Al Green

I second Al’s comment.. This is the origin of Demons from an historical jewish perspective as seen in the book of Enoch. In the New Testament, Paul lumps this view of demons in with disloyal “Sons of God” to call them all demons.. Heiser’s books on Angels and his follow up on Demons also go in to great detail about these nuances.

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