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PLANDEMIC Elites BROKE Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act: Author Of 1989 Law: COVID IS A BIOWEAPON!

The original 2020 Covid-19 was not natural and was always a bioweapon!
Professor Francis A. Boyle is here to detail why Covid-19 is an offensive biological warfare weapon!
The Chinese Wuhan BSL4 lab is China’s Fort Detrick.
The FDA helped develop the Covid-19 biowarfare agent and is also involved in approving the clot shot vaccines for public consumption.
The Wuhan BSL4 previously published on their website that they successfully aerosolized viruses.
The only reason to aerosolize a virus is to use it as a weapon.
American intelligence services knew from the very beginning that Facui and Collins funded the creation of Covid-19!
mRNA technology was paid for, financed, and envisioned by the Pentagon’s DARPA.
The Federal Government is complicit and involved in the crimes against humanity perpetrated against American citizens.
We must rely on state Attorney Generals to bring these criminals to justice!

From spy balloons to saber rattling, does China hold a deadly secret that would cripple our country beyond recognition? America's biggest threat in 2023. This documentary exposes the truth!!

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1 year ago

The only problem is it appears these control freaks are ramping up and moving faster deploying their stages in their plans for their NWO and One World Religion that is Mid Evil and they must not be able to succeed

1 year ago

If this virus was aerosolized, then why didn’t it spread all over China? China is huge, and it only affected 3 provinces in China, and there are 23.

NobodySAIDboo boo
1 year ago

jews did it again like 911 and nobody will ever kill them off or do anything,it will be done again soon.

~ Occams
1 year ago

No, it’s not. Sorry. Doesn’t exist. If it did – and was ‘created – then it could be isolated.

And never has been.

A ‘bioweapon’ with a 99.8% survival rate, and most fatalities occured over 75 with 2.5 co-comorbidities?

Wow. Some ‘weapon’

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