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CrossTalk: Where Did The Trans Terrorist Get The Guns?

Today on CrossTalk News, Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke discuss the Trans Terrorist and the Covenant Christian School Shooting. The most important question being, where did the terrorist get almost $15k worth of guns, body armor, and training?
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1 year ago

She was a 28-year-old adult woman & I’m sure she was working somewhere. She was living with her parents so safe to assume she had no debt or very little debt. Guns are not that expensive. Those were modified pistols she had. I don’t know about the ones in her house.

Green Hills is a very affluent area, that’s a very expensive school, so I’m sure her family had lots of money. I don’t know if she was an only child.

Side note: She tried to go to other school but security was too tight. Leaked that Manifesto said she was going to go to a mall; safe to assume the affluent Green Hills Mall which would have been a huge deal in conjunction with the school.

She was also being treated for ‘mental’ issue. It’s speculated she may have been abuse by pastor. Was she coached to transition by counselor? Parents wouldn’t let her dress as male at home.

TN also recently passed laws banning gender affirming surgery for minors (remember Vanderbilt children’s hospital exposed for their transition clinic developed years ago? Big uoroary in TN).

As far as training, she could have been experienced at paint ball or air soft which is common for kids in TN, plus video games (my 15 does all 3). My son actually does clay target shooting and sporting clays since 11. Girls participate as well. He’s a great shot. We did this so he could know how to safely handle guns, defend himself in this crazy world, plus scholarship. Same reason he took Taekwondo.

PS we’re a military family, I’ve been around guns all my life, dad hunted. I (mom) & also all the gym students took gun class & shot rifle (TN Wildlife Resources) in TN schools in late 70s. Kids had guns in their pick up trucks w gun racks displayed during school hours. NO SHOOTING but kids did fight in parking lot AFTER school but they usually became friends & joined wrestling team.

1 year ago

Social media is basically giving children their own TV channel! Take away social media then it will fix itself.

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