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GMOs Causing Genetic Mutations Americans Are Weak & Sickly From Mega Corporations’ Toxic Food

GMO food is surrounding the American diet, and causing our bodies to collapse! Now, Elites want to pump us full of mRNA by injecting our food!
Attorney Thomas Renz joins guest host Paul Harrell to expose how medical conglomerates and food corporations are producing genetically modified foods that carry mRNA!
This method of delivering the gene therapy completely bypasses informed consent laws, as the corporations are not required to list the mRNA on the food or product label - just like the clot shots!
Not only are Americans being threatened with diets filled with gene-editing technology, but the GMOs inside our vegetables and food products are known to cause organ failure and cancer!
Attorney Renz is fighting against the next mRNA monsoon, helping in the Missouri House Bill 1169 that requires corporations to disclose whether or not their products contain mRNA technologies or substances.
Even the deep red districts of Missouri are fighting Bill 1169, as RINOs in the Establishment benefit from the technology patents and sales of mRNA.
Bill Gates lobbyist representing the corporate farmers know the jig is up, and they are angry!
The world was denied informed consent when the plandemic began, and millions upon millions were injected without being provided the knowledge of what the injections were.
Americans are up against a serious enemy, as the Establishment wants to continue force feed us GMO induced foods that drop testosterone levels, decrease fertility, and cause a multitude of cancers that run rampant in our society!
It's time to defend our rights to our health and wellness, call the Missouri House Representatives and tell them, "We want HB-1169!"
District 1 Rep. Democrat, Cori Bush: (202) 225-2406
District 2 Rep. Republican, Ann Wagner: (202) 225-1621
District 3 Rep. Republican, Blaine Luetkemeyer: (202) 225-2956
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R. J.
1 year ago

The Gates Foundation and Mr Gates need to go stick them on a rocket send me to the Moon let them do whatever he wants there but he needs to go people that think it’s okay to poison the mass public no matter who you are jump on the rocket with Mr Gates and go to the freaking Frack Moon get the freaking crack off this planet you don’t deserve to be here with the rest of us that live every day we are tired we are tired of putting up with your Solutions and your laws and your bills we the people that live here everyday we are tired come together let’s get rid of the elite

R. J.
1 year ago

Why are you just trying to get them to disclose it we all know that they’re M&R and a does not work it is nothing more than a poison BAN IT….BAN IT FROM Total existence !!! nobody or nothing needs to consume or have that injected into their being unless it is Bill Gates Schwab The Rockefellers they can all have it let him inject it in themselves we the uninjected natural people don’t want it in any sort or form!!!! Cannot be stressed enough we do not want it at all

R. J.
1 year ago

Sorry that was supposed to say….MRNA

R. J.
1 year ago

Maybe you guys should start looking into the soda pop industry it’s liquid anything could be added without the publics knowledge alot of people drink pop without thought

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