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EXCLUSIVE! WHO Whistleblower CONFIRMS HORROR: mRNA Narrative a Psyop, Shots are NOT Biological

Studies reveal there is no biological material in the Covid shot which means they do not contain mRNA.
Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger details groundbreaking news that the shots are 100% synthetic.
The shots are weapons of biowarfare.
Doctors are now realizing they have been bought and duped by Big Pharma.
Many are having emotional breakdowns upon realizing they’ve participated in a mass genocide.
The shots have been proven through rigorous experiments to contain nanotech and graphene oxide.
Bill Gates had led the W.H.O. vaccine plan since 2012 and he is still in the driver’s seat
Biomolecular programming can be accomplished synthetically.
Graphene oxide is the element of the computerized bimolecular lipid that is creating nanocircuits in the human body.
The mRNA tech narrative was a government psyop to deceive researchers and make them think the shots were biological.
They are not biological.
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1 year ago

They are putting off planet technology in the gene therapy. It was never a vaccine.

1 year ago
Reply to  Michele

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1 year ago

This is a WHO smoke screen. Of course there is a biological element to it. They are using humans as lab rats. All those other non biological things are in there too, but Sasha Latipova says you can’t locate the mRNA unless you know the exact code you are looking for.

1 year ago
Reply to  MLuns

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1 year ago

They are now injecting cows and pigs

1 year ago

Damar Hamlin didn’t die. when you get such obvious facts wrong the rest of your arguments fall flat. I wanted to share this info… now I can’t because the credibility is gone for skeptics.

Big tim
1 year ago
Reply to  erwyn

I assume MrPeters did previous shows on this subject that explain his opinion. I have no firm opinion but assume Hamlin is alive, but since I have yet to see any video of him getting CPR on the field as claimed and have never seen an ambulance that did not have the word “ambulance” anywhere on it as that alleged ambulance did, I am suspicious of the entire affair.

Big tim
1 year ago

A “bioweapon” ? How? Even if it kills a few people what kind of weapon is that?

Weyman Bussey
1 year ago
Reply to  Big tim

Dr. Astrid told Dr. Cole to shove it at a conference in Sweden, last fall and I will get you the link! That alone impressed me.
I must say, this is one of the best interviews of the past 3 years, despite some audio difficulty.
She is right about “biological material” in respect to,naturally EARTH BORN, naturally occurring biological material. She reiterates what Dr. Ricardo Delgado has been saying since last summer about the graphene oxide as being the principal problem. .
Karen Kingston has nailed the bioweapon identity, at the same time, through evidence from the patents..
There may be additional, numerous poisons present, which are of biological origin, but the healthy immune system can handle them. These organic poisons were probably added randomly to confuse the investigators and target specific groups of people, like red states vs. blue states.
The physical evidence of the hydrogel/nanotech/graphene is found in the white, growing clots in the victims vascular system.

1 year ago

They are Circling like Buzzards waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting people who are too bumb to realize even those working for them are being poisoned too air water and food money won’t save you and if you don’t have your Gov. Bunker Pass your not safe from anything and they will be underground when they use the Chinese Military Already in Canada and reported to be over 150 thousand already and Americans must be ready they are leaving no choice either bow or fight like the Constitution Says

1 year ago

What Ron DeSantis just did is attack every Christian in Florida and has secretly done much more too Attack Americans behind the scenes where did his so called investigation team go against the bio weapon and every Fl. sheriffs must realize they too and their children are being poisoned too and they are our last line of defence and should be swearing in the people to help protect this state and people and remove and or fully vet anyone coming into their communities

1 year ago

As they are being exposed on their creations they are simply moving into their next phase and they invested too much to back down now and the only thing that has slowed them is when the beautiful Jewish people united filled the streets and said no more

1 year ago

Gates is just another Tyrant and Satanist and stooge for the Master Money Changers Like Rothschild’s

1 year ago

We must have people testing our foods and air and water privately in each state and in communities to present to local Authority and then insist them involved arrested and DA’s and Courts who do not do their jobs also be Arrested and replace them with Americans that will and it could be just that easy

1 year ago

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1 year ago

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11 months ago

Just like continuing to say 9/11 was done by cave dwellers in air planes when the world now knows it was an inside job and who was involved no matter what their do boy Robert Muller says and William Binney could have identified all who were involved but instead another suicidal event that DC most be the virus

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