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MTG Is McCarthy’s Latest Toy: MTG’s Loomer Lies Reveal & EXPOSE Her NEVER TRUMP Loyalties

MTG calling Laura Loomer a ‘liar’ is a classic example of projection.
Laura Loomer is back with Stew to discuss Marjorie Taylor Greene’s establishment RINO ways.
MTG is not a good influence on the MAGA movement and doesn't need to be in President Trump’s ear.
The news that Loomer is being considered for a job on the Trump campaign was leaked to the press.
The fact it was leaked means there are still disloyal America last moles operating from within Trump’s inner circle.
MTG campaigned on exposing RINOS and then supported McCarthy and became a RINO herself.
She continues to use her influence on President Trump to bash his most loyal supporters.
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1 year ago

I am still Confused about Americans Foregeting that it was Trump who signed the Emergency Act and gave us Warp Speed and a Bio Weapon Jab by our own DOD/Military Complex and exactly how they have been creating the 2 front runners for many years and how they created Hitler and their NAZI Movement

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