MUST WATCH Video: Man DESTROYS Media LIES: Activist SHUTS DOWN Fake News Press Gaggle With FACTS

We are on the brink of WW3 and the U.S. media is chiefly responsible for it.
Jose Vega is here to talk about his verbal take down of mainstream media liars.
Professional liars who work at publications like the New York Times disdain the practice of real journalism.
Ignoring Seymore Hersch’s report that the U.S. bombed the Nordstream II pipeline shows the mainstream media is now an outlet of tyranny.
Members of the Black Socialist movement have been indicted for opposing the war.
Globalists have targeted Russia in proxy wars because Putin refuses to cooperate with immoral ideals of the West.
Taiwan is being set up to be the next proxy war where the U.S. will be fighting against China.
Trump is a threat to the establishment and anyone who is a threat is targeted by the empire of lies.
The firing of Tucker Carlson should inspire more citizen journalists to hold their local elected representatives accountable.
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