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Transgenders Want Nuclear Family DESTROYED: Parents Are FIGHTING Back AGAINST LGBT SATANIC Cult

The LGBT are trying to turn public schools into evil religious institutions that dogmatize children and turn them into perverts.
Dr. Elana Fishbein is here to talk about how to empower parents to fight the woke agenda in public schools.
No Left Turn In Education focuses on helping parents approach their school boards, legislatures, district representatives and everyone in between on all issues pertaining to the indoctrination of children.
Parents have been asleep at the wheel for too long but now they are saying “enough is enough, leave our children alone.”
The majority of people are against the evil satanic trans agenda.
Unless we come together and protect our children our nation will collapse in ruins.
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1 year ago

Actually it is a certain group who claim to be jews who are the heads of the NWO who call the shots and Americas Government and Agencies are their Stooges and traitors to all Americans and I call the Same Money Changers Jesus Called Out their bloodline is back and want all others gone but as Jesus said they are Serpents and Vipers

1 year ago

All Americans have to do is look at Australia and see what they want to do those people have and are destroyed as any free people and even the Jewish People have been riuoting and protesting these NWO Scum bags

1 year ago

The US Universities should be empties out now that we know many across America Host Bio Labs

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