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Durham Report Exonerates Trump Intel Agencies Framed Trump For Treason – Author, “Deep State Target”

The Durham Report shows that the FBI has gone completely rouge in order to pursue a political hit-job that persecutes Trump!
Peter Navarro joins Stew to detail how the FBI falsified the claims of Trump being a Russian intelligence, under approval from the Clinton and Obama administrations.
Special counsel John Durham presented in his report, that the initial intelligence assets required to show that Trump was a Russian correspondent, never existed in the first place.
Not only did the FBI choose to move forward with a null allegation, but the continuation of the investigation leading to Crossfire Hurricane was filled with illegal proceeding that overstepped the Constitution and general laws.
However, even with all of this damning exonerating truth from the Durham Report, it was never released in the time it was needed most, leaving rouge institutions to run wild.
Navarro states that this 4-year long investigation could have been released in 90 days, and those behind the investigation didn't have the courage to hold the treasonous FBI accountable.
Criminal agents belonging to the FBI need to be immobilized, and if Trump has any desires to save America, Peter believes Trump should abolish the FBI in order to preserve the internal integrity of the US.
Navarro was put in leg-irons by the same institution that is protecting Hunter Biden - the FBI and the CIA, the same organization behind "securing" our elections!
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1 year ago

0Everything after should be thrown out as a result

1 year ago
Reply to  WTeach64

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1 year ago

I guess we are all supposed to forget Trumps Warp Speed and signing the emergency act and if this is true they should put Trump back in and replace the entire bunch whop got in as a result but that would be to easy the criminal activity goes much further and it is now clear our Presidents are all Huttered stooges for the money changers and military complex plain and simple

1 year ago

Many of us saw this as just another sideshow when they created Durhams BS Investigation and juyst one more gas lighting show like everything congress and senate has done by bowing to the money changers like the Bilderberg Group and their stooges and all their lettered creations they own lock stock and barrel every American should leave the Military complex and reform Militia plain and simple becvause they already imported a military we are paying for

1 year ago

It appears like Americans complacency has already given America away and sat silent when it started and did nothing so it is just a matter of time and no Jesus really see the hypocrites exposed in the light Christians have been silenced and the Church Deceives them for coins the root of all evil and of which has no power in GODS WORLD

1 year ago

Hit the Bunkers it will stop dead in its tracks and simultaneously cut down every 5G cell tower in America it will stop dead in its tracks

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