First Amendment Under Attack: Desantis Flies To ISRAEL & Signs Bill GUTTING Freedom Of Speech

There is no such thing as “hate speech” regardless of what the ADL says.
Hip hop artist Anomaly joins Stew to break down how Ron Desantis is doing the bidding of the freedom of speech hating Anti Defamation League.
This Florida law aims to silence any criticism of those in powerful positions.
Big GOP donors are co opting our leaders and as a result they are abandoning the first amendment.
Hate crime laws are discriminatory and force the government to assume a perpetrator’s state of mind while committing a crime.
Thinking about what the government deems as bad while committing a crime brings a harsher sentence and that paves the way for “thought crimes”.
Israel does not allow their politicians to hold dual citizenships while serving the people but it is perfectly legal in America.
Dual citizenship while serving as a member of Congress should be illegal.
The right wing media complex has successfully brainwashed the masses to believe giving up their first amendment right on behalf of Israel is a good thing.
Americans must hold politicians accountable and not worship them as “gods”.
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1 year ago

It is called Treason with the money changers and nothing about Jewish People who are being Attacked Too and who do not want this NWO and One World Noahide Religion

1 year ago

`Americans must have a mass exodus of the Military Complex and stand up just as the Jewish People has already done in Israel against this NWO Movement and simply stand in unity around the world because we know it is the so called world leaders and their own creations destroying the planet and just plaqin facts treason is treason no matter what and now our sherrifs must move on all the criminals not just the people and they must be made to realize they too are being poisoned and under attack too from the air , water , and food or they are morons too send them all the patents and gov. docs they seem to miss

1 year ago

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