Cells From Babies MURDERED In The 1960s Used In Vaccines

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Christopher Key is back with Stew to detail the dark history of vaccines and the babies that were murdered to create them.
A huge number of medicines and vaccines are produced using cell lines that derive their cell cultures from aborted children back in the 1960s.
The MRC-5 cell line was made from a 14-week-old aborted baby boy and was used in the creation of Hepatitis A and Polio vaccines
The WI-38 cell line was made from a baby girl aborted at about 3 months
Is the use of the cell lines from aborted babies causing the epidemic of gender confusion we are seeing in young people?
In 1965 4% of the U.S. population had chronic disease.
By 2015 the number had risen to a staggering 46% in children.
There is no safe vaccine because they are bioweapons.
However, currently the CDC recommends 72 vaccines for children and newborns.
The solution is to take care of your body and eliminate toxins.
One of the best ways to do this is by taking glutathione.
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1 year ago

What is the most confusing things are is where is Humanity when the Elites with smiling faces proudly anouncing what they have done and what they have ordered Governments and Military’s to do and no real responces anywhere when the world knows they hide in underground safe places while doing their evil deeds and the true plagues on Humanity and the Planet and Humanity no matter where they come from hasn’t figured out yet who and what they truly are or what even Jesus and the Bible says they are we still fight their wars and enrich and empower them more and fall for their BS when they are few and humanity many how truly sad they surfaced last with their created wars in WW2 and now they truly have exposed themselves and are we going to fall for their disease again I must wonder has Humanity evolved at all

1 year ago

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