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Texas Is Conquered: Mexican Cartels Buy American Land As Hispanics Take Over Texas Demographics

The border crisis is a threat to the survival of American as a nation.
Author of the new book “Overrun: How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History”,
Todd Bensman is here to detail the shocking reality that America now has Hispanic “no go zones”.
Mexican drug cartels have literally been using their profits to buy up huge tracts of land in Texas.
The Great Replacement is not a conspiracy theory.
Hispanics have now overtaken Whites as a larger demographic thanks to illegal immigration.
Cartel members are using the land to build immigrant housing and running the tracts of land as if it were their own country.
One area in Liberty County, Texas has turned into a “no go zone” that is being totally controlled by the Mexican drug cartels.
Law enforcement refuses to police these areas and they are operating outside of U.S. law.
Americans must wake up to the fact that the millions of illegal immigrants streaming across the border are going to have to live somewhere.
This is a crisis that could alter America forever and destroy our nation.
This is treason and elected officials have abandoned the American people.
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