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Clot Shot Strikes Bronny James? Lebron James’ Son Placed In ICU After Cardiac Arrest

Will Lebron James do the right thing or will he allow Big Pharma to harm his son with zero consequences?
Coach Zach Smith, host of the Menace 2 Sports podcast, is here to talk about the sudden cardiac arrest of Bronny James.
In our Satanic empire of lies, all of our worst sins and excesses result in the sacrifice of our children.
With mass immigration, we sacrifice our children’s future to win praise as do-gooders and to get cheaper labor for our corporations.
With the transgender cult, we are told to be “tolerant” when all we are doing is exposing our own children to predators, pedophiles, and mutilating psychopaths.
With abortion, we literally murder our own children for the sake of greater sexual license.
The cult of the Covid shots fits perfectly into this pattern.
The elite's Covid hysteria takes advantage of the terror most people have of dying.
As Christians, we do not fear death because we know what awaits us when we leave this world, and have nothing to worry about.
The Bible says to die is to gain for those who are in Christ Jesus.
But some on the left think death is total oblivion, and are terrified of that.
That fear is used by tyrants to attempt to enslave the world by chasing the lie of immortality.
It’s time to admit the jabs are causing death and harm to those who have injected themselves.
There is no natural reason Bronny James should have a heart condition because he is in peak physical condition.
The love of a parent should cause Lebron James to realize his kid almost died because of the politicization of the Covid-19 bioweapon.
It’s not about being anti-vax, it’s about being against dying suddenly.
Forcing athletes to take the shot or give up on their dreams should be considered a criminal act.
Will Lebron James be a deadbeat dad or will he go on the war path and get justice for his son.
Giving your kids an experimental vaccine is already something a deadbeat dad would do.
Covid-19 and the pandemic was a worldwide IQ test and now people are having heart attacks and dying suddenly.
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11 months ago

OH YES just wait for their Project Blue Beam creation where they try and create their One World Religion shows and return Trump as some savior while this is all another Pedowood scripted events and use NASA and HARP to try and recreate what they think is GOD but all man made but even as there is many reports on this going back many years there will be morons still falling for their deceptions but as they do the GOD Affects still expose them and like Pfizer was hit with his tornado so will there be many others so many already fooled by the money changers and bow to coin over life itself and they need their 5G towers to make people sick at will and even kill

11 months ago

I don’t know about you, but picking on an isolated case when there 80 million out there is just noise about a basketball fan club. Move on.

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