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Former Ukrainian Diplomat Andrii Telizhenko Knows Biden SECRETS: Hunter’s & Joe’s CORRUPTION Exposed

In a just America, Hunter Biden would be dangling from the end of a knotted rope.
Former Ukrainian diplomat turned whistleblower Andrii Telizhenko is here to detail Biden family corruption.
Hunter Biden has spent his life as a useless whoremongering drug addict.
He got a job at Delaware’s top credit card company, fresh out of law school with zero qualifications, as a way of influencing his dad.
Then, while his dad was vice president, he took all kinds of jobs from Ukrainian and Chinese oligarchs.
Now, the DOJ is trying to give Hunter a sweetheart plea deal that would protect him from any consequences for a decade of criminal behavior.
Andrii Telizhenko is a whistleblower who came forward all the way back in 2016 with proof of Hunter’s treasonous behavior.
In retaliation, the State Department yanked his visa and he was smeared in the press by propaganda outlets like CNN.
They’ve called him a Russian influence peddler and a purveyor of lies.
According to CNN, Telizhenko spread “baseless conspiracy theories about the Biden family.”
All of those conspiracy theories, of course, are actually 100 percent true.
Telizhenko has exposed how Democrat operatives worked closely with Burisma through the left-wing consulting firm Blue Star Strategies.
He says that he not only saw Joe BIden himself take place in multiple conversations with Blue Star about Ukraine and Burisma, but that he saw Blue Star craft a document for Joe Biden on how to basically conquer Ukraine by using a war to turn it into a puppet state.
The Biden family were working for U.S. intelligence and had almost complete control over the country of Ukraine.
Zelenskyy has banned opposition television channels in the country and has had Christian clergy arrested.
The country of Ukraine has been destroyed and Biden has ignored calls for peace.
Zelenskyy knows the details of the Biden family corruption and may be using the information as blackmail.
Andrii Telizhenko has feld his home country of Ukraine because he was put on a “kill list”.
Members of the Ukrainian parliament and Zelenskyy urged the public to execute Andrii Telizhenko.
The Deep State is in complete control of Ukraine and is literally calling the shots in the war against Russia.
Andrii Telizhenko says the Nazi Azov battalion was trained by the CIA and MI6 and are now working for the Ukrainian Secret Police.
Senators Johnson and Grassley attempted to get Andrii Telizhenko’s testimony but RINO GOP Senators Mitt Romney and Rob Portman blocked the subpoenas.
The Deep State controls both parties and they are furthering corruption in Ukraine to enrich themselves.
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