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Vox Day On The Socio Sexual Hierarchy? Alpha Males Are Natural Born Leaders

We need to have a national conversation about men.
Former nationally syndicated columnist and the author of
more than 15 books, Vox Day, is here to talk about the socio sexual hierarchy.
The powers that be want submissive men and feminine men.
Powers that be are pushing for a weak, easily controlled male population that will follow brainlessly rather than lead courageously.
There is a war on masculinity.
Vox Day is a philosopher, with a lot to say about social hierarchies, relationships, feminism, and more.
He’s well-known for his six-part “Socio-Sexual Hierarchy” of male personalities.
According to Vox Day, instead of only Alphas and Betas, there’s also Sigmas, Deltas, Gammas, and Omegas.
It’s a lot deeper than just “alphas are successful with women and betas aren’t.”
This hierarchy is also Vox’s guide for interpersonal relationships with other men and across age ranges.
Males in the hierarchy known as Gammas, prove to be some of the more problematic not only for the complex male socio political world, but for the world in general.
That's because Gammas have the tendency to be fairly intellectual - they are sound and can perform with their book smarts, but unfortunately credit themselves more then they deserve.
They are prideful, dishonest, and arrogant members of our work force.
They infiltrate the universities and are professionals at talking down to those they disagree with - they are liberals.
But Gammas aren’t all liberals.
Sadly, far too many low-quality Gammas exist in “conservatism” too.
They’re the ones who attacked Donald Trump in 2016 for not running on “true conservatism.”
They’re the ones who try to snipe at and “cancel” other conservatives, just like liberals do, for petty ideological offenses.
Not all gammas are bad but the worst gammas are unbearable and far worse for society than Omegas.
Vox Day’s Sexual Socio Hierarchy is a fascinating guide for running companies, coaching a team, or just understanding how people tick.
Vox helps Stew analyze some of the major male figures in politics, from Steven Crowder to Ben Shapiro - and the conclusions are fascinating.
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11 months ago

HMMMM… vox day says Zherka is getting promoted and is fake? well john zherka is a flat earther. So did the system make a mistake? controlled opposition? nah I can’t see it. People love him cos he calls out idiots to their face and does dumb stuff. He will probably self immolate…… dunno if you can really buy off a wild guy like that.

Dagger A
11 months ago
Reply to  bloglogician

Oooh look, the smart boy aka the gamma knows best.
The soup can’t be dangerous, I can’t taste the poison.

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