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Colorado School REVERSES Gadsden Flag BAN: Woke Teacher FALSELY Claims Flag Tied To Racism

Propaganda and revisionist history are rampant in America’s schools.
“Tuttle Twins” author Connor Boyack joins Stew to talk about courage and why we must never back down from the radical Left.
12-year-old Jaiden Rodriguez was kicked out of class because of a Gadsden flag on his backpack.
The teacher claimed the Revolutionary War era flag was racist and tied to the slave trade.
The encounter with the woke teacher was captured on video and it went viral.
Thousands of individuals and families have expressed their support for Jaiden and his stand.
As a result, the Vanguard School board held an emergency meeting and voted to allot Jaiden to continue wearing the Gadsden flag.
The Vanguard School was originally founded to be a patriotic school.
However, in today’s America the woke Left has started to infiltrate charter schools with their propaganda.
All of this goes to show that we must be vigilant in this fight and not allow educational institutions to run on “autopilot”.
Institutions that are on “autopilot” inevitably will lurch to the left.
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