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Embalmers Continue Finding Fibrous Clots In Vaccinated Dead: Dying Suddenly Is Trend Media Ignores

The next fake pandemic is in full swing and forced masking, shots, and death will happen again if we don’t stop it.
Embalmer Richard Hirschman is back with Stew to remind the world that people are still dying suddenly from clot induced Covid vaccines.
The next booster is due out in a couple of weeks and this will mean more people will drop dead suddenly.
Medicine has been politicized but it should not be.
People of all walks of life have been affected negatively by the Covid bioweapon.
The elites will try and blame the excess deaths on something other than Big Pharma’s vaccines.
Mainstream media shills are trying to discredit Richard Hirschman sounding the alarm about the fibrous clots he is finding.
However, they are not embalmers and are not qualified to be taken seriously.
There is an ongoing debate as to whether the clots are formed post mortem or when the victim was alive.
Evidence suggests the clots are the cause of death in victims who are dying suddenly.
Remember and never forget what the Covid Nazis did to the world.
Extreme accountability is coming soon
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9 months ago

The cure: hydroxyChloqine or clorx. That’s why it was vilified.
A large part of the problem:
Hollow graphene spheres delivered by multiple methods, excited or exploded by cell phones and towers. They can be rotated, vibrated, caused to prduce light, and make blood cells think there is a vessel rupture, causing a normal clot process, except on the inside. When exploded reverts to graphite with an electracly atractive charge, forms a graphite web instantly blocking blood flow.

9 months ago

Not some majical “nanobot”

9 months ago

Pps: chemical resistance charts for graphite (you wont find one for graphene) shows the mildly humanly compatable chemical chlorine destroys graphene. I have tested this, it works excellent. It turns graphite or graphene into carbon dioxide which our bodies know what to do with.

9 months ago

Step 2:
Disolving the fibrous scar tissue (clots) our own bodies have produced.
There are natural products that are very affective.

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