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U.S. Military Using Loophole to Fund Abortions: Soldiers Get PTO & Travel Covered To Murder Babies

The Department of Defense spends billions of dollars every year to make our military weak non binary freak shows.
Attorney David Younts is here to talk about the loophole allowing the military to use U.S. taxpayer dollars for abortions.
Using taxpayer money being used to fund abortions is a violation of the Hyde amendment.
Any service member who wants an abortion gets three weeks paid time off and get their travel costs paid for.
Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville has been stonewalling hundreds of military promotions because of this issue.
David Younts claims the military paying for abortions is illegal.
They are playing a shell game to create a loophole to fund the murder of babies.
Senior military officials are not standing up to this blatantly illegal act.
This is why the purse strings controlled by Congress are so important.
Congress has the ability to put a stop to this murderous policy and the work agenda but they are compromising.
Republicans can’t bring themselves to criticize the military industrial complex.
The DOD is subsidizing murder.
It’s not the first time the DOD facilitated the murder of Americans.
They did the same thing during Operation Warp Speed.
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