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Middle East Conflict Could Trigger NUCLEAR WAR, Israel First Neocon WARMONGERS Cheer Genocide

Many believe the Israel war between Hamas signals the beginning of the end of the world.
Host of “World War Now” Conrad Franz is here to talk about the Middle East powder keg that could mark the beginning of World War 3.
Warmongers are cheering Israel as they shut off water and electricity to the people living in Gaza.
Former Candidate for U.S. Senate in Utah Sam Parker joins Stew to discuss the power the Israel lobby has over the United States government.
When neocon politicians say “Stand with Israel” what they really mean is send Israel massive amounts of American taxpayer cash.
Clint Russel is here to talk about how many Americans have forgotten the lessons they learned during the post 9/11 war on terror.
It’s taken Americans years to see through the lies during the fog of war.
Host of the Towergang Podcast Top Lobsta is here to talk about the fake image he made that depicts a murdered Israeli child.
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James Anthony Meissner
8 months ago

Stew!!! These war mongering psychopath parasites in Congress and at the WH have all taken the oath to defend the constitution. So since they are all ready sworn in there is nothing stopping them to be called to the front through the US military and be the first on the battle field.

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