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Pfizer Liable For SV40 In Shots: SV40 A Red Herring To Prevent Accountability For

Covid vaccine manufacturers can now be held accountable!
Steve Kirsch joins Stew to walk us through how the many bioweapons from Pfizer and vaccine producers can be taken off the shelves, providing a roadmap towards extreme accountability for Big Pharma.
This and, we look deeper into what we know as SV40, and how it is used to deliberately contaminate the injections.
Will we finally see justice for the lives lost to the clot shot?
Watch this new segment NOW at!

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8 months ago

I know lots of techies. Normies who are in technical jobs. Smart.
They say yes parts of nasa is fake, yes jabs are bad, but reason is people are flawed, commit fraud or are stupid. No great overarching conspiracy theory. Nup can’t believe in any malice or premeditation. What will wake them?

8 months ago

Karen Kingston has proven these patented technology are bio-weapons designed to kill

8 months ago

Still debating intent? How do you NOT know? In the beginning, maybe we could say we didn’t know. But now, We found out that THEY KNEW the shots were deadly BEFORE the public had taken the first shot, but they pushed it anyway.
—> Then, instead of the established protocol of pulling the drugs off the market after 26 to 50 deaths or severe adverse reactions had been reported, they simply ignored them.
—> BUT three years later, they were well aware that taking these shots has killed an estimated 20 MILLION people, and caused as many as 1.5 BILLION serious injuries, or adverse events, but THEY DID NOT STOP, and are DOUBLING-DOWN and pushing even harder!
—> Without any other of the many DAMNING FACTS considered, We already have enough evidence, that we can reliably indict them and bring every one up on charges of
—> That is what you get when you give the EUGENICIST CULT,

Melanie Norton
7 months ago

Steve Kirsch is a f*cking moron!!!!

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