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Biden’s DOJ Targets ‘We Build The Wall’: Tim Shea Being Held As Political Prisoner

The Biden DOJ wants to make America First patriotism illegal!
Amanda Shea, the wife of Tim Shea, is here to talk about how her husband has been persecuted for his desire to secure the southern border and build the wall.
This is an effort of intimidation by the Deep State to silence Americans so they will lay down and stop resisting government tyranny.

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Contribute to Tim Shea's We Defend The Wall Legal Defense Fund HERE >>>

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mark galli
8 months ago

Yahweh HELP US. Those who call upon My Name, I will hear from heaven if My people repent and change their ways and humble themselves. God is NOT a name and Jesus is not His son’s name. His son’s name is Yahshua, which means Yahweh is Salvation. Yahweh is Savior not His son and His son is not a king, he’s only our High Priest .Read how Yahweh reacted when Israel asked for a king when Samuel was the prophet. So what makes you think Yahweh would make His son one? There is only One to be worshipped, not two or three. If you appeal to heaven do it with knowledge. My people are destroyed for a lack of KNOWLEDGE. Be careful what name you pray to because names are of utmost importance to the Creator. He named all the stars. So these people who view names as unimportant are full of it. Baal means lord, look it up in a concordance. Suffering is never Yahweh’s will for people or death.

mark galli
8 months ago

Where’s all the comments ? Doesn’t anyone who listens to this show make any comments ?

8 months ago

Fear time should be over and time to stand your ground fight or till death or become a martyr in prison and it doesn’t seem to mater what uniform these useful idiots just following criminal orders are the people enemy

8 months ago

All people the powers in charge already declared war on all people first with a known and intentionally releasing a bio weapon and more on everyone and if your above ground you are their targets the cowards sit in underground complexes

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