TRICK AND BOMB: Biden Cracks Down on Muslim Hate as Zionists Raid Gaza

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8 months ago

daniel, as prophet to judah cites just the 4 beasts/kingdoms that affected them.
john, as prophet to the gentiles, expounds with the beasts that affect the world.
rev17: the 7 headed dragon are the 7 global empires since the flood:
1) babel/shinar gen10:10+gen11:1
2) assyria/asshur gen10:11
3) babylon/chaldea isa23:13
4) persia dan8:20
5) greece dan8:21
6) ***rome “5 were, 1 is, 1 to come” rev17:10-12 (at the time john wrote it)***
7) the global super power at the end of this 6th millennial day……?
an ephah is a weighted measurement, so zec5:11 translates to “follow the money from shinar/babel….to the former united states.
=the 1rst beast from sea rev13:1 (it’s also the “little horn” of dan7:8).

the 8th head is that super power allied with national “israel”
=the 2nd beast from land rev13:11.
which has 2 horns/nations and “looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon”.
BABEL is the resurrected beast head/iimage which took the mortal sword wound yet lives rev13:3+15.
rev2:16 heb4:12 the sword of christ’s mouth=truth….with the confounding of language at the tower…..but “that great CITY” continues gen11:8 kjv.
“out of one many, out of many one”
the “new” world order is that unified global kingdom gen11:1 of mystery babel-on resurrected…..
or it would be if christ doesn’t return to stop it.
“the scepter shall not depart from judah” gen49:10…..
even though fallen israel, “who forsakes the holy covenant” dan11:30, is attempting to make that deal with lucifer.
the 2 witnesses=both covenants speak against it rev11=zec4

there are 2 “zions” ezk23, 2 baskets of figs jer24
the “city of david” BUILT by men’s hands=mystery babel-on
new jerusalem BROUGHT by messiah without hands.

>no “THE antichrist”. there are many antichrists 1jn2:18-22.
rev9:11 antichrist is a spirit/”angel”, not an individual.
>no “jewish 3rd temple”
1cor3:17 “If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.”
the church is the “temple” of 2thes2
“that man of sin….the son of perdition” is a type=judas iscariot jn17:12
ps114:2 jerusalem is the “sanctuary/holy place” of mat 24:15
>no “pre-trib rapture”
“BELIEVERS are raised on the last day” jn6:39, 40, 44, 54.
jer30:7 “the time of jacob’s trouble” is specified as A DAY.
the last day=the day of the lord=judgment day.
either the physical day of judgment or the spiritual day of millennial sabbath rest. a great day for believers, a terrible day for the hard of heart.
and “jacob” (before he became “israel”) is ALL the tribes scattered in bondage to the world, not just judah.

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