“U.S. Troops are inside Ukraine,” Peters reported earlier this week.

Peters followed up the report with the allegation that U.S. involvement and loss of life in Ukraine may be the plan the Pentagon and warmongering establishment needs to send tens of billions more in war materiel to the corrupt Zelensky regime. 

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“Just weapons inspectors, no big deal. That’s how this always starts! The first US troops in Vietnam were military advisers, and then a few years later, what do you know, 800,000 boots on the ground! Well of course in that war were were just fighting an impoverished communist state,” he recounted. 

“In this one we’re facing off with a country that allegedly has 6,000 nuclear weapons! How is Russia even supposed to interpret this? Even if it’s exactly as the Pentagon says – and we doubt that they’re just inspectors – why should Russia believe that, we don’t, so they won’t, of course,” he continued. 

“It is guaranteed Russia will see these troops as direct US support for Ukraine. At absolute minimum, these troops are human shields. If any of them end up killed– which is probably the plan, even by accident — it’ll be used to justify even more US involvement in the war, taking us that much closer to nuclear war,” the viral TV host warned.  

Peters has been in contact with the Kremlin, and is attempting to sit down with wartime President Putin.

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Additionally, Congressman Paul Gosar has offered to host a summit between Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky, inviting them to Phoenix, Arizona to engage in peace talks.

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Peters also slammed the Washington Post for burying the bombshell story that the United States military has put boots on the ground inside Ukraine. 

“Instead of headlining with that fact: US Troops in Another War Zone, the article has a boring headline. US races to track American arms in heat of Ukraine war,” Peters explained. 

Edward Szall then joined Stew, stating “We’re sleepwalking into World War Three.”

Stew reported on Wednesday that an anonymous Pentagon official had told several US media outlets on Monday that American troops are on the ground in Ukraine, where they are inspecting U.S. weapon delivery systems and other arms being delivered by NATO to the supposedly war-torn country. 

Peters then blasted the MSM for purposely burying the story and using Paul Pelosi’s sex antics as a red herring.  

According to Peters, the Pentagon official noted that Brigadier General Garrick Harmon, the US defense attaché to Kiev, is leading U.S. detachment, but it is not yet clear how many U.S. troops are on the ground in Ukraine or where they are located. 

The U.S. inspected its arms shipments to Ukraine before Russia’s February launch of its military campaign and reportedly pulled all US personnel out of the country days before the campaign began. It is unclear how many troops have returned or when the checks restarted. 

“There have been several of these inspections,” the official told reporters, without revealing where the examinations have taken place. He added that the checks are not happening “close to the front lines,” but where security conditions allow. 

The Pentagon official would only say that a “small” number of troops are involved.

Just last week, after media reports leaked from US intelligence agencies claiming that Washington could not trace the weapons it was sending to Ukraine, the US State Department announced that it would allocate “personnel to assist the government of Ukraine with the handling of US security assistance,”.

However the State Department FAILED to mention that the personnel would be comprised of actual US military troops. 

This intelligence blunder comes after an intel source told CNN in April that the weapons we send disappear “into a big black hole” once they enter Ukraine. 

While Americans have fought and died in Ukraine of their own accord, Monday’s aggressive escalation marks the first time since February that the US has had a known presence of uniformed American troops in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has cautioned the US and its NATO allies against getting involved in the conflict, and even before the announcement, he stated that the Kremlin views itself as fighting the “entire Western military machine” in Ukraine. 

US and Western officials are no doubt aware of the severity these aggressive actions could cause on the global political landscape, perhaps even ushering in WWIII. But maybe that’s precisely what the Washington warmongers and Military Industrial Complex are hoping for.