Robert Malone recently posted an article by the corporate shills at FORBES — which, of course, is mostly funded by Big Pharma and their finance arms — calling Died Suddenly “a whole lot of fiction”.

Malone recently posted the article on Gettr — a platform entirely domiciled in China prior to its re-launch paid for by a shady character directly descended from Chinese Communist Party royalty called Miles Guo.

The FORBES article was evidently written by a pro-vaxx professor who is entirely captured by the Deep State and Big Pharma, who calls himself Bruce Lee.
Here is a bit of Bruce Lee’s bio:
Mr. Lee actually went to Harvard University, where Dr. Charles Lieber served as Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University, where he ended up taking tens of millions in NIH grants and then lying about his ties to the Chinese government. (Even CNN was forced to report on Lieber’s connections to China!)
Here is a photo of Bruce Y. Lee.
All of Bruce Lee’s affiliated organizations are directly tied to the global depopulation agenda.

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Interesting. If Dr. Malone wants to keep his chosen moniker of Doctor while pushing propaganda by men like Bruce Y. Lee, perhaps it’s time we call Robert “Doctor Death” instead of Dr. Malone.

Tellingly, Malone refuses to get specific with his own claims.

Since Malone won’t get specific, let’s look at the Bill Gates Fdn./ Bloomberg/ Hopkins/ Harvard/ CUNY professor Bruce Lee’s claims.

Well, actually, I’ll just summarize it. If you’re interested, you can read this garbage here.

But if you’re really interested in the documentary in question, I’d recommend you give Died Suddenly a watch. You can do that here.

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Bruce Lee basically doesn’t discuss any of the claims in the film AT ALL!

In fact, it sounds as if rather than writing the article himself, Bruce Lee enlisted the aid of a nubile, young recent college grad assistant up-to-date with the most recent fashion magazine lingo and trends to write this emotionally manipulative little essay in an effort to rebut the reality of the Died Suddenly epidemic.

Lee’s  entire article is innuendo and mockery of people who believe global elites are working to depopulate the planet.
You really can’t make this stuff up. This FORBES article leads with jocular pop culture mentions of Nickelback, Low rise jeans, Elon Musk, Ugg boots, mullets, and films like Snakes on a Plane and Sausage Party, and actors Bella Hadid or Jason Momoa.
Lee’s liberal young graduate assistant even jokingly tries to associate Marjorie Taylor Greene’s electoral timeline with the elevated numbers of deaths since 2020.  (That one would actually be funny if we weren’t literally talking about a mass die-off and loss of human life.)
The “Bruce Lee” article (if Bruce Lee is even his real name) leans heavily on dismissive tweets by depopulation vaccine pushers like Angie Rasmussen (@angie_rasmussen) and Alastair McAlpine (@AlastairMcA30), both of whom are still allowed to push their depopulation agenda on Twitter.
It’s noteworthy that both Angie and Alastair are working in Canada.
In both Dr. Malone’s posted article, Bruce Lee dismissively refers people who seek the truth as “nuts.”

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What truth are Malone and Lee trying to cover up? The clear reality that there is an ongoing effort to depopulate the planet.

Malone’s Bruce Lee article also goes to bat in defense of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Is this where Dr. Malone has been this entire time? An acolyte of Fauci?

Lee also attempts to denigrate me as not being a doctor. But nowhere I make the claim that I’m a doctor. In fact, to the greatest extent possible, it seems our documentary relied on the analysis of scientists and practitioners, like Steve Hirschman and Dr. Theresa Long to support the massive spike in deaths and other health pathologies in the wake of the vaccine rollout.
After Malone reposted Lee’s college-intern style essay, it is fair to assume Malone shares Lee’s conclusion: “there is no real evidence that Covid-19 vaccines are being used as a “military bio-weapon.”

My team has reached out to Dr. Malone to see if he really shares this opinion, and if Robert Malone believes it the best course of action to gaslight the survivors of the deceased.

We’ll let you know if he responds.