According to Kingston, EcoHealth’s pitch to DARPA proves that the goal is to create the bat/human mRNA bioweapon vaccine.

The proof?

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Kingston cites documents released last year that detail the

MIT, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, and Harvard University collectively own a patent for vaccine nanotechnology that can deliver an agent of biowarfare, according to Kingston’s report.

The U.S. Government “has certain rights” to the patent for Vaccine Nanotechnology, which, according to the patent, can be comprise of an agent of biowarfare,” at least in part.

The spike proteins are the bioweapon, and the vaccine delivers the spike protein, Kingston reports. Thus, the vaccine is the bioweapon, Kingston says.

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Huff, who apparently has been tasked with doubling down on the “Lab Leak Theory” 18 months after the regime officially recognized, took the airwaves with the bogus theory and tried to sell his new Simon & Schuster book on the Jesse Watters program on the Fox News Channel last week.

Then, later in the week, Huff joined the Stew Peters Show, where Stew asked him some REAL questions.

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You can watch Stew’s interview with Mr. Huff here.

Karen joined the Stew Peters Show the following Monday to follow up with an interview of her own. And it was EXPLOSIVE.

You can watch Stew’s interview with Karen Kingson here.

Here are just a few of the bombshell claims Karen dropped in her interview with Stew:

  • The vaccine is the bioweapon.
  • The SARS bioweapon was a bat vaccine.
  • Andrew Huff was lying.
  • The term “vaccine” is now a code word for bioweapon.
  • The United States government at a minimum partially owns elements of a patent for vaccine nanotechnology that can deliver an agent of biowarfare.

Karen Kingson also reported on Huff’s lies on her Substack.

Andrew Huff, former VP of EcoHealth Alliance, a CIA operated organization per Huff’s own testimony, is making the media rounds promoting both his new book and the CIA propaganda that SARS-CoV-2 is a chimeric gain-of-function virus that accidentally leaked from the Wuhan lab.

Huff appeared on Stew Peters on Friday, December 9, 2022, and when asked if a chimeric gain-of-function virus could event infect humans or be of pandemic potential without being delivered in some kind of nanoparticle technology, Huff dodged the question. He responded by saying that the nanoparticles are in the vaccine and EcoHealth and Wuhan would have to develop the antidote or cure while they were developing the bioweapon.

Huff blatantly lied when he said the pandemic was cause by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The pandemic was caused by the nanoparticle bioweapon technology, not a virus.

Kingston continues:

Huff stated that EcoHealth Alliance worked with Wuhan and Ralph Baric to create the SARS-CoV-2 ‘virus’, aka gain-of-function mRNA sequence. While that is true, Huff failed to inform Stew Peters that the bioweapon that caused COVID-19 was not caused by a gain-of-function virus, but by a ‘vaccine’ made from bat coronaviruses that EcoHealth Alliance, Wuhan, and Baric invented.

The ‘vaccine’ that caused COVID-19 are chimeric-weaponized spike proteins that are incorporated into nanoparticles for purposes of ‘vaccinating’ bats, primarily through aerosol inoculation.

Karen goes on to report on United States Marine Sergeant Jason Murphy, who released DARPA documents.

In January of 2022, US Marine, Sergeant Jason Murphy, released DARPA documents to Project Veritas. In his cover letter, Sergeant Murphy states; “SARS-CoV-2 is an American-created recombinant bat vaccine.”

You can read the rest of Karen Kingston’s BOMBSHELL report below, but here are some of the highlights:

Sergeant Murphy states the details of the ‘bat vaccine’ program can be found in EcoHealth Alliance’s 2018 DEFUSE pitch to DARPA

EcoHealth’s proposal states that they are going to inoculate (vaccinate) bats with chimeric spike proteins that have an added immune modulator. The document goes on to state that they will ‘vaccinate’ the bats through aerosol, transdermal (skin and surface contact), and edible gels.

The added immune modulator is the S-2P proline mutation that was partially invented and owned by the NIH. The additional immune modulators include insertions of synthetically recreated toxins from snake venoms, as well the HIV envelope, HIV GP120.

Murphy clearly states that the SARS-CoV-2 ‘virus’ is not a virus, but a biosynthetic spike protein chimera engineered to attach to human ACE-2 receptors.

There was never a highly-contagious virus. The bioweapon has always been the spike protein which is a biosynthetic nanoweapon.

Even the images of the ‘chimeric viruses’ in EcoHealth Alliance’s proposal look like spike proteins, which also look like the lipid nanoparticles in the mRNA vaccines.

Pfizer’s FDA-approved mRNA vaccine is a bioweapon that is comprised of lipid nanoparticle technology encoding for the weaponized Wuhan S-2P spike proteins.

Sergeant Murphy states that vaccinated individuals have no defense against becoming infected (inoculated).

Murphy goes on to state that vaccinated individuals will essentially become gain-of-function manufacturing labs for the spike proteins.

Under 18 USC 175, a biological agent or delivery system (vaccine/lipid nanoparticles) is considered “for use as a weapon” includes any biological agent, toxin, or delivery system for other than prophylactic or protective; bona fide research, or other peaceful purposes.

It’s almost impossible to believe that the US government and military would conspire with Pfizer and other biotech giants to develop, manufacture, promote, and administer mRNA lipid nanoparticle bioweapons to American adults and innocent children under the guise of “safe and effective vaccines.”

You can read Karen’s original report here.