CrossTalk: World Order Partners With Demons: The Conspiracy to Hide Giants & Nephilim

Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke talk about the populist poverty revolution, as the global elite hide in their child sacrifice dungeons from the crazed horde of citizens who can't afford to eat, and demand revenge for their loved ones who were murdered by the bioweapon shot. The team also addresses the truth and cannibalistic coverup of giants, Nephilim, the Book of Enoch.
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Keith Humphrey
1 year ago

I’ve been comparing words and phrases from the New Testament which seem to be allusions to the Book of Enoch. In my study, I demonstrate that Jesus knew well and respected the Book of Enoch, and made frequent allusion to it.

1 year ago

In this video a 6 fingered remains was found.
Remember that the official portrait of zerObummer has 6 fingers!!!!

1 year ago

Please allow me to rephrase previous comment here:
In this video was a discussion which included remains found with 6 fingers.
Remember that the official portrait of zerObummer has 6 fingers.

Barb Nielsen
1 year ago

I’m just learning that so much has been hidden from us. I mean, nobody ever explained how the world was populated after the creation of Adam & Eve and now I know why. This information connects the dots. Finally. Without it, it makes doubting the story of creation and doubting the word of God very easy and probably the intention. I find it fascinating and want to learn more. I enjoyed the broadcast immensely.

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