Pfizer Begins Study of Deadlier Gain of Function Spike Protein

On today’s show, Dr Jane shows you the audacity of big pharma like Pfizer now conducting gain of function studies publicly and openly to prepare for the Omicron variant, the fake variant of a long gone flu that was, as the CDC & Fauci declared, “milder” – in a free for all study without any safety procedures; and UK’s most notorious nurse activist Kate Shemirani is here to blow the whistle on doctors signing euthanasia protocols for the young and old…against their wishes! And the show wraps with a pivot to the stories of the Covid shot injured, their group founder is bringing millions of jab injured voices forward. This is the Dr. Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth In Medicine.

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1 year ago

Good day! Do we have confirmation of how shedding actually occurs? Touch? Left on a surface? Being in the vicinity? Is ivermectin effective?
ALSO, the hospital where I live put a DNR on my spouse while at the same time doing things which I knew would end in death; and, I went ballistic saying, You kill him, I’m coming after you personally! I know the Law and I’m Medical POA!! You do NOTHING without my approval, including medications and zero vaccines and do EVERYTHING I request! Hear me?!? They said my spouse authorized it, to wit, I said, I know my spouse for 40 years plus and he’s NOT HOME MENTALLY!! He literally checks out under stress and I have multiple witnesses!! He got out in one piece because of our daughters’ (both nurses) and my hard work!! But, we have issues from medical malpractice we have to address!!

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