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Catholic Church Falls To Communism

On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane welcomes back Brother Alexis Bugnolo, Catholic scholar and editor and publisher of, an electronic journal for news and commentary on Rome, Italy, the Vatican, and the Catholic Church and who has researched the communist CIA ties to the current pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka Francis, a Jesuit, pedophile protecting full on globalist and communist, whose parents, ironically fled fascist Italy and Mussolini. This fascinating interview ties the history, criminal communist cabal and CIA in to the current Covid scam and world tyranny. This is the Dr Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter truth in medicine.


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your royal highness
1 year ago

Freemasonry is ALL the same. The goal is to end the Catholic Church. What this Brother is saying about only the illuminati being the bad Masons is not the whole truth. Being a Freemason is NOT compatible with the Catholic faith and has been condemnedby the Church. Benedict was not a good Pope either, he was just as bad as Francis just more stealth and quiet about it. The Pope’s after Vatican II from John 23rd on were all modernists. I am disappointed with this Brother he doesn’t tell the whole truth.

your royal highness
1 year ago

What happened to my comment????? Is Dr Jane censoring????

1 year ago

Dr Jane, all freemasons take an oath…the top tier 33rd degree are satanists. They will never tell you! They all think they r doing good, You cannot serve 2 masters. Its pure evil whether they know it or not. George Washington was not a Christian, he went to church for his campaign. Look at washington DC…its layout is all satanic, done by freemasons

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