PROOF: The TRUTH About Quantum Dot Technology: Chinese NanoTech EXPOSED In mRNA Jabs

Karen Kingston has found another patent that she says is critical for understanding the treal truth about the Covid “vaccines.” This time, the patent is for “Quantum Dot” technology. Quantum dot technology can be used for trace and trace tech; it can also be used in gene editing, which means that it can be used as a part of vaccines.

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1 year ago

There is far too much evidence now from patents and money trail to their very own writings and they even used Pedowood and movies and shows to prime people to believe and I am sorry but the Money changers sick and depraved and should prove money could just be the root of all evil and our wars and sacrifices have been to serve them all these things should be an awakening for all humanity and to all people if your Government Locked You down and gave your People these jabs too then you have been Deceived by your own

1 year ago

You are doing such amazing work. I consider you one of the most intelligent human beings.

Can Karen give me an email as I have a doctor friend in South Africa who did genetics at Harvard and wishes to contact and support your work. He did his post grad in CRISPR and also interested in the patents.

1 year ago

They’re trying to reduce us to non sentient beings, like animals. Once they’re got that sorted, we’ll be so easy to manipulate – yes, just like animals.

1 year ago

Xtremerealitycheck has been warning about this technology and its implementation for years. Her videos are on her website and bitchute. The light activation Is through something called li-fi. no E the beginning

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