Dr. Jane Ruby Show

Outsmart The Triple – PLAN – demic

On today’s Dr. Jane RubyShow, a serious warning about the next PLAN-demic coming, a triple wave of three flus in the latest scam to keep fears up and mRNA bioweapons going into the human race. Dr. Jane reviews the realities, truths and the best ways to protect yourself from this propaganda including rumors of Ebola outbreaks.

The show concludes with “Ask Dr. Jane” and a prayer reading and discussion of Isaiah 12:4-5. Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all of you from Dr. Jane and the rest of the Stew Crew!
This is the Dr Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth in Medicine.

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Michelle Latham
1 year ago

The military boot camp vaccination video was not fake. I served in the US Navy and that’s exactly what they did, lined us up like that and injected us on either side, one after another. And if anyone was sick or upset they were evil towards that person, as you see in the video. No mercy. No compassion.

1 year ago

I request that broadcast dates label each show video. Sometimes I come to catch up on days missed and it is dreadfully frustrating and time consuming to try to sort through the shows when no date accompanies them. Help us out out here please and give us the information we need to gather the news easily and quickly. This request goes out to all the shows on SPN.

1 year ago

I’m having trouble with Dr. Jane’s videos for several weeks now. When I was able to get her shows her volume is way too low

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