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Uncensored: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Injected Behaving As Though Lobotomized & The ICIC

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich joins us to explain what happened to the Corona Investigative Committee, the work of the newly established International Crimes Investigative Committee, and a deeper dive of a new discussion sweeping the world by storm - how the injected are being likened to those who have been lobotomized. We discuss the strategy moving forward to overcome the NWO.

Watch the full presentation by Dr. Fuellmich with Dr. Naomi Wolf and Dr. Peter Breggin here:

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4 months ago

Without evidence??? are you clueless?? I think Vivian knows how much money came in and that Reiner was stuffing it into his accounts not the committee’s account… Yes Reiner the money is accounted for and you have it and are not sharing it… And when asked to give the money back as they had all agreed that the money would not be spent personally by anyone but used to do the work… Reiner refused to give it back and was packing his bags to move to America and start another shill operation… I don’t trust this man anymore… When everyone else is the committee says the same thing about Reiner and forced him out and he refused to give back a cent where is your doubt… I have no interest in this man anymore… you always get people like this in situations like this and he’s proven he can’t be trusted… Anyone sending him a dime going forward is a fool. And frankly Maria… you are raising doubts about your own credibility defending him.

4 months ago

Oh Reiner wants to go after class action suits against the cv cabal… how nice… class action suits actually work to the benefit of the accused and limit liability and control the loss and these criminals made hundreds of billions of dollars so they could care less… and the lawyers make most the money in a class action suit and often are actually working for the accused to control the damage… We don’t need class action we need criminal charges… who is Reiner kidding… not me

4 months ago
Reply to  NMx

David E Martin gave proof of fraud etc. to the DOJ, Human Health Services etc, they are being told not to prosecute, this comes from the top psychopaths.
I think Reiner at this point is trying to keep
the flames of injustice
alive in order to help wake more people up
to “crimes against humanity “

Brian McCool
4 months ago

The differance you are making Stew, is historical, and will forever be documented. Your a true warrior for God and humanity. Hat tip from N. Ireland.

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