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Uncensored: Financial Collapse IMMINENT! BRICS, Incoming CBDC, Social Credit Score ft. Clay Clark

Clay Clark from joins Maria Zeee to discuss the IMMINENT financial collapse, BRICS, incoming Central Bank Digital Currency and Social Credit Score. We are on the precipice of the complete global takeover and people need to prepare NOW!

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1 year ago

I discovered BRIC years ago before anyone knew what it was and in their discussions it was very clear that BRIC (S was added more recently) was established to destroy the American economy… to ship our jobs and manufacturing overseas to harm us and benefit the BRIC countries…and also to destroy our dollar….so any American participating in any part of it is a traitor… and those in the BRIC nations are bent on destroying America…so Russia is not your friend and likely means the Ukraine hoax is merely a stage play to drive us into a war so we can be further depleted and destroyed…

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