Heliocentric Propaganda? Flat Earth Dave: Global Elites Promote Round Earth Lies

Are the Elites brainwashing the masses?

Dave Weiss, aka Flat Earth Dave is welcomed back to the show to help detail how we've been deceived!

If the Elites control the world, why can't they make us believe it's a globe?

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1 year ago

loved this

Great interview with flat earth dave…. what country said it was a flat earth? he was cut off. Once u go flat earth u never go back.
I started looking across stretches of the ocean with telescope and never could see a bulge…. why did I think it is a globe? because NASA = Never A Straight Answer.

1 year ago

Let’s put out a challenge to any Flat-Earther, give us a video of the EDGE, not excuses.

BTW, a series of anecdotes, no matter how high you stack them, does not count as PROOF.
Further, You say that you can’t use Science to prove or disprove your HYPOTHESIS because they lied the science is invalid, and you can’t just go there to see for yourself, because it’s forbidden, and you can’t use satellite imagery or shots from the Moon, because they’re all photo-shopped fakes or Computer generated imagery, and we can’t use videos of the rotating globe, taken by the APOLLO Astronauts from the MOON, because we didn’t go to the MOON, and All the stills and videos of the astronauts on the moon’s surface were filmed in a Hollywood Movie Studio, and so on. I have only one thing to say, and quoting the “Church-Lady” of Original SNL fame, says it all: “Well, Isn’t THAT convenient!”

Its Flat
1 year ago
Reply to  251omega

We are not allowed to go to the edge to see what is there, due to the Antarctic Treaty. So it isn’t that simple. Why are we not allowed to go there? It’s very interesting regardless of what shape you believe in. NASA admits that all of their images are CGI because “they have to be” so that is WHY nobody will accept those as proof of a globe. Watch “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon” on youtube and you will see some interesting manipulation at even trying to get a photo of the Earth from “space” but also a lot of interesting things about the possibility of the Moon Landings being faked.

Eddie Alencar
1 year ago
Reply to  251omega

Let’s put out a challenge to any ball-Earthers, give us a video of the EDGE OF SPACE, not excuses.

Eddie Alencar
1 year ago

Great content guys, please keep on bringing Flat Earth Dave back.

*Let’s put out a challenge to any ball-Earthers, give us a video of the EDGE OF SPACE, not excuses*.

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