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“Turbo” Cancer SURGES In Post-Vaxx Apocalypse, Trump Launches LAME NFT Scam!

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Mark Effinger aka, "Mr. Noots" is welcomed back to the show to detail how ADHD is skyrocketing, and Big Pharma wants to drug up children!
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Public figures are collapsing from the clot shot!
Monica Matthews joins the show to share how major icons are dropping dead from the jab!
Is there hope for the vaccinated who still stand, and can they break through the brainwashing?

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Mutant vaccine cancer is attacking!
Dr. Ben Marble is welcomed back to expose the massive surge in cancers of every type!
The turbo-cancer takeover is occurring in the vaccinated, and greatly hurting the population as people die off!

Does Trump care for patriots?
J6-er and journalist Nicholas Ochs joins the show to detail how he bas been sentenced to four years in prison, for protesting at his Capital!
Ochs will be separated from his family, while Trump makes NFT scams to buy the likes of Americans, as he shuns the patriots!
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1 year ago

Clueless Americans that think has anything to offer America but his lies deceit and narcissism will be the ruination of this country… Find a real leader… it’s not Trump… He’s friends with Soros… long time friends of Epstein… he was never working for you… wake up

1 year ago

So Stew if Trump shoots you in the head… will you still love him and think he’s a hero… you are really hopeless

1 year ago

Trump had the power of the Presidential pen.. unlike DeSantis’ lowly governor pen… but nobody wants to criticize Trump for doing absolutely nothing to help America… and of course he signed the wonderful Emergency Order and kept it in place to hand it over to Biden… and of course his lovely mail in 30 day election gave us Biden… but you’re still hoping..maybe he’ll wake up and smell the coffee… omg

1 year ago

And Morons will buy them

1 year ago

Trump also helped kick all this off with his signing the Emergency Act and Warp Speed so I for one have no inkling of considering another of his cleaning the swamp the way he didn’t do when he had his shot

Jacqueline Audige
1 year ago

Hi Stew,

I understand your frustration today. I know how you feel about President Trump. And I hope that the deep state didn’t drug him.
I recently watched his previous statement when he said he doesn’t like politics, but he has become one. That statement from me brought a chill down my spine. His announcement yesterday is a lesser evil. He is a businessman that is becoming a politician.
Although I learned in seventh grade that politics is the art of lying, I understand what he is doing.
He is the best strategist I’ve ever met or seen in the world after my father. He is not one of the shadow government apparatuses. Phillipe Argilier said it, and I believe him because of the pieces of evidence that I have. He is playing their game and will do so until after the election in 2024 when he wins.
I am still an American by heart. I just renewed my green card and am waiting for President Trump to sign my citizenship certificate in 2025.
We are all in this war together. Let’s trust Trump’s intelligence. He is the great general that will lead us to victory. He is the chosen one.
You are a believer. I am a believer. He said if two people joined forces in my name, I would be in their midst. HE is among us, and HE is the KING of the UNIVERSE, our UNIVERSE. To many, HE might be late, but HE is always on time. Amen

1 year ago

Bill Gates in a talk after the Islam killings of Christians/active terrorism, spoke about the VMAT2 gene (God gene) that can tame them by replacing a DNA sequence. I think he talked on aerosol emissions. Wondering if the DNA replacing technique is also underway via the shots and all the other routes of entry.

Ted, the Well Read Bear
10 months ago

De Santis wanted to keep the info silent so that he could win the election & then do something about the problem. Her wasn’t censoring they truth!

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